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Amazon Watch...

This interview started in San Ramon, Ca., where the Administrative Headquarters of Chevron Texaco are located. A delegation of people from Amazon Watch are trying to meet with the CEO of Chevron Texaco, David O'Reilly, to, yet again, get the company to clean up the toxic waste they left behind. First you hear from John Dalrymple, Executive Dir. of the Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County and Rabbi Dan Goldblatt of Beth Chaim Congregation in San Ramon. They were invited by Amazon Watch to visit Ecuador and the areas affected by the devastation of oil drilling by Chevron Texaco. They were so moved by the pain and suffering caused to the indigenous inhabitants-- the guardians of the forest-- that they wanted to support them in their demands to the oil company based in their community to clean up the toxic mess. Next we hear from Rosa Moren Chalaco, a nurse from the San Carlos community, Orellana, Ecuador about her experiences and the details of the health effects on people of the area from the contamination of oil and other toxic substances. Cancer and other sicknesses are affecting a large proportion of people there. Toribio Aquinda, Delegate of the National Cofan Indigenous Federation of Ecuador, also speaks of his direct experience in his community and with the Ecuadorian government. The very good news is that they had what seemed to be a positive meeting with Chevron Texaco in San Ramon who finally said they would clean up the mess. Leila Salazar, Clean Up Ecuador Campaign Organizer with Amazon Watch, was the translator for these two people.
Recorded on April 04, Program length-29'25"
Download: AmazonWatch.mp3 - 12.9Mb 64kbps (TRT 29'25")


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