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“Babylon” is the “isms” and “schisms” not only within the system but within ourselves. Let's organize, unify and step out of Babylon.



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Table of Contents

Joseph McCormick

Reuniting America, Engaging Across the Great Divide

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TRT: 29:00
Date: 2006-12-15

Joseph McCormick is the founder of Reuniting America, Engaging Across the Great Divide-meaning the great divide of politics. After leaving the military McCormick studied process work (organizational behavior), and then entered politics and ran for office as a member of the Republican Party. During his time as a politician he became very disillusioned with the possibilities for change. We live in a "democratic republic" he says. Republic is like monarchy and monarch is president. The "democratic" part means grassroots participation.

Reuniting America believes that that key is a healthier, more democratic situation is to honor that all points are valid and can fit together. Sometimes we need facilitation to help see this and then we begin to get to "wisdom"-- the truth of what really happened. There you can get the best solution. When people don't hear each other it could even lead to civil war. He says they are applying social technology, i.e. process work, to "re-integrate -- to find ways to re-integrate the the people, the knowledge, the issues and the interests. McCormick finds that most Americans have the same "values" like integrity and freedom. We say the the US Government is supposed to be of, by and for the people but it's not what is the case. It's government for the few and most of us are, in fact, more spectators of the system than participants. (Not to mention of the lack of integrity of fixed elections). The right tends to believe in "order", the left in "rights of freedom". We need both sets of values-like moms and dads. If we look beneath the surface are two archetypal dynamics which are masculine and feminine. If we focus on the "cause" of these 2 value systems and reconcile them it'll be better-they compliment each other and we will have a functional family. Where is a civic space where "we the people" get together?? That's what he intends to create. Now corporations give support to both sides to keep the game going. When trust, respect and communication break down it is the beginning of civil war and this is what's happening in the US. McCormick, as a responsible citizen, wants to do what he can do to prevent this. He wants to create a new game.- The goal for Reuniting America is to bring about an evolution of the system bringing the top and bottom and all citizens together and then together with the leaders creating accountability and understanding between the citizens and the leaders thus forming a trans-partisan democratic republic.

Reuniting America has been building coalitions, creating houseparties, library dialogues and townhall discussions across this great divide. They had 24 leaders of big civic organizations in a room in December 2005 at which continuing relationships between left and right on election integrity were formed. They've been working together on net neutrality and climate change as well. Based on these relationships coalitions have been built among organizations. Transformational relationships means sustainable in that the relationships last regardless of the issues-- i.e., they can go from issue to issue creating a permanent coalition which can go on to address many issues such as womens' empowerment which has already begun. "Factions" make it really easy to divide and control.

Recorded October 2006.

To engage online in dialogue over the internet: www


Table of Contents

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