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“Babylon” is the “isms” and “schisms” not only within the system but within ourselves. Let's organize, unify and step out of Babylon.



Sue Supriano’s Steppin’ Out of Babylon is a radio interview series covering a broad range of important issues in today’s world: peace and war, human and civil rights, communication, the media, the environment, food security, racism, globalization, immigration and matters of the spirit. Over 250 shows are available at this site!



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Joel Garbon and Steve Kaplan

New Energy: Saving our planet with clean, safe, abundant, inexpensive energy for all

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TRT: 29:16
Date: 2007-03-16

Joel Garbon and Steve Kaplan from the New Energy movement of Portland, OR discuss their plan to save our planet with clean, safe, abundant, inexpensive energy for all. We have a choice to become a sustainable society.

Joel Garban and Steve Kaplan of New Energy Movement based in Portland, OR talk about their mission to create the world we envision. Here is their mission statement:

Our very survival will require a vast and dramatic shift in how human civilization generates and uses energy and the world we envision. It is clean, safe, abundant, inexpensive energy for all; stabilized climate, clean and healthy water, food and air for all, beautiful blue skies over our cities, low impact sustainable forestry and agriculture, beautiful landscapes unspoiled by wires and smokestacks, recycling of virtually all wastes, rivers running free and natural, thriving sustainable local economies, living standards and education rates increasing, birth rates declining, a global culture of sharing unleashed human creativity, a new and lasting era of world peace. With the revolution in energy as the foundation of renewed and loving stewardship for our planet, we can transform our world into a beautiful and healthy home full of promise, opportunity, abundance and peace for all humanity.

They then go on to speak of several types of alternative, clean, safe energy and the need for funds for more research and development of the particular energy models they speak of and more. There is no time to be wasted in investment and support for these technologies.

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Recorded: March 2007.


Table of Contents

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