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Dr. Nick Begich #1

HAARP, the military's High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project

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TRT: 28:15
Date: 2007-05-17

Dr. Nick Begich, author of 5 books, including Angels Don't Play This HAARP talks about HAARP which is the military's High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project. It consists of an array of antennas that is being used to create a shield of energy around the Earth. This technology could possibly replace bullets and missiles for warfare in the near future and can be used to affect the brainwaves of humans and other living things in a positive or negative way.

Dr. Nick Begich is an independent scientist, a doctor of alternative and complimentary medicine, and author of many books including Angels Don't Play This HAARP and Controlling the Human Mind (2007). He is the son of the late Congressman from Alaska and he continues to live in Alaska where HAARP is. He was following what was going on since HAARP was developed and continues to follow what it's doing as much as possible given that now HAARP is considered "top secret". However, since Begich's mission is to track and translate science so that average people can understand what's going on, he is able to continue to write and talk about many things that most of us don't know about and might not understand if we did.

Begich explains that through the technology of HAARP, frequencies of the human brain can be affected. The media, including Spiegel TV (who is the biggest news source in Germany and Austria) has recently been prohibited from further investigating the project. Through the cloak of "our national security" the government is often able to hide their dirty secrets which can be hurting us. For instance, it is suspected that many symptoms afflicting many of us such as short term memory loss, sleep disturbance, lack of ability to focus, etc. may be symptoms of the electromagnetic pulses sent out from HAARP. Ignorance may indeed be bliss, but knowledge is power, so please tune in and stay informed!

Recorded April 2007.

Table of Contents

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