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Table of Contents

Dr. Nick Begich #2

Privacy and civil rights: Mind control, cell phones and RFID implants in humans

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TRT: 28:26
Date: 2007-05-15

Dr. Nick Begich, author of 5 books, including Angels Don't Play This HAARP talks about HAARP which is the military's High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project. It consists of an array of antennas that is being use tocreate a shield of energy around the Earth. He talks about mind control, cell phones & RFID implants in humans in this interview.

Dr. Nick Begich, author of Angels Don't Play This HAARP, explains that HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project. He is also Executive Director of the Lay Institute which deals with technology issues. He states that it's very crucial to he and his colleagues in the Lay Institute to have hard evidence of what they talk about and that they are known for their credibility. He urges others to be as particular about knowing our facts as well.

With regard to cell phones- Begich explains that George Carlo did research on cell phones clearly establishing that they were not safe and that this evidence was distorted by the Government. Any chordless phones are harmful because the heat to the head can lead to loss of short term memory, sleeping difficulties, tumor formation, confusion, interruption of sex patterns, etc.. The answer is to keep wires in inside cords and use wireless less. It helps to reduce radiation going into body to use a speaker phone-even a few inches away from head helps. Head phones aren't helpful and are sometimes damaging though a simple solution is to put some wire or a metal bead around the cord of the headphones about 2 inches from the ear. This stops the energy from going in your ear. There are over 250 million cell phones being used in US. The risks are even much greater to children. RFID Chips (Radio Frequency Identification Tags) are now down to the size of a human cell and can hold 168 thousand bits of info -- a lot. It was just announced in December 2006 that an RFID tag could be read up to 2 kilometers away. They are being introduced in cell phones, and embedded in all currency. You can get injected with one in a shot and not even know it. Everybody and everything can be tracked. As for sorting what they find -- the fastest computer in the world so far has gotten faster and is perfectly capable of sorting the info. Begich says that we need to realize that the very foundations of the system that allows us privacy and freedom is being attacked and we need to unite across differences to take back our government that guarantees our freedoms to even have differing opinions.

Begich says that "mind control" is the most important subject and finally even major corporate media are starting to write about it. Begich's book documents the history of mind control since it's inception in the 1880's with hypnosis, up until now when electromagnetic pulses can produce very specific effects such as flipping an individual's emotions on and off. There is incredible info that can help people with health issues, etc., but it tends to be in the hands of the weapons makers. Check to hear the audio reports of what the best scientists have to say that will frame the future debate for mind control issues of the future. Free will, freedom of consciousness is what we're talking about. It is the very essence of who we are as human beings and mind control violates this.

Recorded April 2007.

Table of Contents

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