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David Solnit

Global Justice activist and Counter Recruiting Movement organizer

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TRT: 27:40
Date: 2008-07-24

With roots in Art & Revolution, Solnit was one of the organizer’s of the 1999 W.T.O. Seattle protests and the post-9/11 protests that shut down San Francisco. He is also the editor of Globalized Liberation: How to Uproot the System & Build a Better World and author, with Amy Allison, of the new book Army of None.

In this engaging interview, Solnit ties his roots in protest art, global justice/anti-capitalism activism and organizing to his current anti-war efforts involving counter recruitment efforts around the country. At the core we are experiencing a struggle between human oriented social movements across the planet vs. a global corporate/capitalist economic and political system. He feels the war in Iraq is a military attempt to impose corporate globalization, which is the same goal that the W.T.O., N.A.F.T.A. and similar organizations and agreements attempt to impose economically and politically. In fact, it is truly the frontline in the struggle for international social/political justice. Solnit asks “What would a People Power strategy to address the war and stop it look like?”. His answer is to help organize a counter-recruitment movement to stop the supply of troops available for the current war and continued imposition of our troops in other countries (The U.S. currently has over 170 bases in 130 countries along with 6000 domestic bases/facilities). His new book is an attempt to demystify the current recruiting techniques and outright lies being used to enlist young people.

Solnit concludes by discussing some recent successful attempts at what he terms true democracies based on “horizontalism”, unlike the top-down, command-and-control illusionary democracy we’ve come to know in the United States.

Recorded in Eugene, Oregon


Table of Contents

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