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“Babylon” is the “isms” and “schisms” not only within the system but within ourselves. Let's organize, unify and step out of Babylon.



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Leonardo Cerdo

Young indigenous Ecuadorian working with the Federation of Indigenous Association of the Amazon to educate about the evils of the oil companies as well as sustainable alternatives.

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TRT: 27:13
Date: 2009-03-09

Leonardo Cerdo, a young indigenous Ecuadorian, has been an activist since he was nine years old. He works with issues concerning the terrible environmental and human health in Ecuador caused by Shell, Texaco and Chevron. These companies have been drilling for oil in Ecuador for thirty years or more, mostly in the northern part of the Amazon region. After twenty years of people being afraid to speak up there are now many groups who are speaking up against the oil companies as they move south causing terrible skin, breathing, pregnancy problems and very, very high cancer rates for children as well as adults. Where the oil companies go swamps become filled with toxic water, infecting other water sources, and huge toxic pits— all together the area polluted and toxified is more than the size of Manhattan. Now people need money to battle these new sicknesses with pharmaceuticals since their local plant herbal remedies are also polluted. Cerdo and other activists educate about sustainability options both in the Amazon and in the city, including schools and universities. “We don’t think nature belongs to us, we think we belong to nature” says Cerdo.

He works with a Human Rights Club at his university in Quito and wants to let fellow students, most of whom are from privileged backgrounds and unaware of much of what’s happening to others less privileged, know what’s going on in the world, especially with the indigenous citizens. Cerdo is a member of a collective in Quito, FAOICIN, which is part of the larger collective La Casita del Arbol. The movement is large and made of groups of indigenous people, students, urban groups, rural groups— all working together and helping each other out. They work against mining companies as well as on many other campaigns in the Amazon including collectives of urban people who go to work on the land so they learn where food comes from. Since they all need to eat, they work together to strike for their rights. They also have a co-op of products to connect the growers and the urban folks. Cerdo is also part of Rising Tide—a big network in the US— He’s also in charge of networking and grassroots organizing for a huge and open gathering next summer where the focus is on climate change, social justice and environmental justice.

If interested in helping out/being involved contact Leo at

His organization’s contact is:

Recorded December 2008


Table of Contents

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