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Council of 13 of Indigenous Grandmothers founder & Spiritual Director of the Center for Sacred Studies

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TRT: 28:01
Date: 2009-08-03

Jyoti is the Spiritual Director of the Sonora, California based Center for Sacred Studies which, among other things, sponsors and supports the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers—a Council of indigenous female shamans and healers from the United States, Nepal, Gabon, Tibet, Brazil, Mexico and the Mayan culture. One of the main purposes of the Center is to preserve different “lines of prayer”. The Center is a place for people to pray in whatever form they wish and much of their prayer is to heal and transform the history of violence against Native people of different groups in the world who were driven off their lands. Some of the grandmothers use medicine teacher plants such as Iboga, ayauasca, and mushrooms that come out of “the pharmacy of the earth”. They insist that their sacred plants need to be protected from being taken from their communities and their natural homes and patented to be used by pharmaceutical companies.

When Jyoti got a spiritual message to organize the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, all the grandmothers first met in the Dalai Lama’s Medicine Buddha’s Retreat Center in Ca. It was revealed that many First Nations have had a prophecy that the 13 Grandmothers would come together. Agnes Baker Pilgrim, of the Siletz Nation in Oregon at 85 years old is the the Chairwoman of the group. In August, 2009, the Grandmothers met in Lincoln City, Oregon on Siletz land to do prayers and workshops. They visit each others homes twice a year. They will be in Sedona, AZ in Dec. 09 visiting Grandmother Mona who lives in that area. When they come together and hold public events they pray for peace together but in their own ways.

Besides her work with the Center for Sacred Studies Jyoti worked with children in Texas for 13 years, studied at the Jung Institute, worked with severely disturbed children, directed the Spiritual Emergence Network in San Francisco, Ca. and trained people in Europe to do similar work with people going through the spiritual “awakening” process which some people mistakenly called "psychosis". She has developed her own style of breathwork, studied in India, is married and herself a grandma. She "listens to the Divine Mother” for guidance. The Grandmothers are reminding us we need to go back to our roots because there we will find a history of people living in balance, marking the seasons and calling on and thanking the Great Mother because they knew She provided everything. Unfortunately temples and churches were built on sacred sites of the original peoples and She was thrown out of her house. When She is back on her house and we call on her we will have peace and be back in balance on earth.

The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers will be in teaching at Omega in NY from the 17-21 of August and in Sedona, AZ for the first week of Dec. 09. Agnes Baker Pilgrim will be going to Australia in the near future. Jyoti says that First Nation people and people who are holding a vision of new world that is based on kindness and regard are standing up and meeting more and more frequently all over the world.

For the Next Seven Generations, the film about the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothersm, can get be previewed and purchased online at and the book about them, "Grandmothers' Council the World" can be found in nine different languages in bookstores or over the internet.

Meet the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, introduced by Janet Weber:


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