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Dr. Michael Fry

Wildlife toxicologist speaks about both the issues of "endocrine interfering" chemicals all around us as well as the high risk of windmills killing birds

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TRT: 26:06
Date: 2010-04-27

Dr. Michael Fry, a wildlife toxicologist, is the Director of Conservation Advocacy at American Bird Conservancy and the Committee Chairman for the Federal Advisory Committee for Minerals Management Service. He says the EPA (Environmental Protections Agency) began developing technology 14 years ago with which it is just now beginning to test the chemicals all around us that are, as Dr Fry explains "endocrine interfering" chemicals which, though they are rarely mentioned, can have huge affects on humans and other animals and their endocrine systems (eg., gender development). He mentions that plastics are a major source of our contacts with these chemicals. Plastics numbered 3, 6 and 7 are toxic and should be avoided. Plastics numbered 2, 4 and 5 are non-toxic.

On another matter, Dr. Fry explains some risk involved with wind as an alternate energy method. The problem is that windy places are also places where birds are. At Altamont Pass--east of San Francisco-- 1000 golden eagles and 1700 hawks and owls have been killed in the last twenty-five years. Windmills interrupt migratory paths of birds as well. Dr. Fry wishes to help develop guidelines for windmill production in order to encourage the least risk to birds. His view is that the mindset of endless growth is not sustainable. Development, while it cannot be stopped altogether, needs to not affect wildlife adversely.

Interview conducted in Jan. 2010

Table of Contents

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