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“Babylon” is the “isms” and “schisms” not only within the system but within ourselves. Let's organize, unify and step out of Babylon.



Sue Supriano’s Steppin’ Out of Babylon is a radio interview series covering a broad range of important issues in today’s world: peace and war, human and civil rights, communication, the media, the environment, food security, racism, globalization, immigration and matters of the spirit. Over 250 shows are available at this site!



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John DeGraaf

Affluenza- The All Consuming Epidemic

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TRT: 29:15
Date: 2005-05-18

John DeGraaf is known for being the author of Affluenza- The All Consuming Epidemic which is both a book and a film. DeGraaf is presently working on TV films on hunger, Fair Trade, and he also works with the Take Back Your Time Campaign which is the first national initiative of the Simplicity Forum, and an unofficial think tank for the Simplicity Movement. This interview took place at a Simplicity Conference in Oakland, California.

DeGraaf talks about how we Americans are overworked as a society due to obsession with consuming. We tend to be stressed, our health is affected, as is our family life. And the sad thing is that our workaholism and consumerism does not lead to happiness. In fact, studies show that we're at the bottom of the list of quality of life indexes for industrialized nations. Since 1980 our health and happiness indexes have been falling until we are tied at 27th with non-industrialized countries such as Cuba, while the US is even below Costa Rica, also a "poorer" country monetarily. It is clear that having more "stuff" is less likely to make us happy than having good friendships. DeGraaf also mentions how every day five times as many children die of hunger as were killed in the World Trade Centers in NY in 2001 and that we would be a much happier and more secure country if we spent money on alleviating hunger and poverty rather than the military on which more than 50% of the US budget (our tax money) is spent.

The importance and benefits of Fair Trade and sustainablity are discussed, especially in relation to coffee and chocolate.


Table of Contents

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