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“Babylon” is the “isms” and “schisms” not only within the system but within ourselves. Let's organize, unify and step out of Babylon.



Sue Supriano’s Steppin’ Out of Babylon is a radio interview series covering a broad range of important issues in today’s world: peace and war, human and civil rights, communication, the media, the environment, food security, racism, globalization, immigration and matters of the spirit. Over 250 shows are available at this site!



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Jeffrey M. Smith

Rejecting Genetically Modifed Food Crops in Southern Africa

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TRT: 28:21
Date: 2005-10-06

Jeffrey M. Smith exposes the risks of genetically modified food in his book, Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating. He has been a guest on Steppin' Out of Babylon in the past. In this show he focuses especially on his recent experience in Southern Africa from where he returned only hours before the interview.

Smith holds up the people of Zambia as heroes in that they refused the genetically engineered corn offered them by the US even though such a large number of Zambians are infected with AIDS and their immune systems are weak due to a variety of reasons, including hunger. Eventually they accepted asking that they not receive the seeds, but milled corn, so their corn would not be polluted by the GM seeds. The US refused and a US official is quoted as saying they want to pollute the Zambian seed supply to make the farmers dependent on buying Monsato genetically engineered seeds. Fortunately South Africa milled the seeds first so Zambia is not getting raw seeds but it is clear that Monsanto intends to control all the seeds in the world. It is corn and soy that are almost all genetically engineered right now.

Smith gives one example after another of the corruption and manipulation of science and scientists in order to get the okay to continue with their genetically engineering of seeds-- whistleblowers are threatened, studies are distorted and full of lies, etc.. Given these facts he also talks a lot about the importance of diet (so many chronic and acute diseases are based on diet!!) and avoiding GM foods. Eating organic is best, not only because it avoids genetic engineering, but also because it is MUCH more nutritious than non-organic food. Even food that is labeled non-GMO is better than GMO food however. He's also produced a video/DVD, Hidden Dangers in Kid's Meals -- which can be downloaded for free and distributed to educate and protect our children and their parents. Soon he'll be working on two new books.


Table of Contents

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