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Table of Contents

Leuren Moret

Environmental Pollution, Depleted Uranium and Community Organizing

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TRT: 28:39
Date: 2006-01-29

Leuren Moret, a geologist, is an Environmental Commissioner of Berkeley, and Past President for Women Geoscientists to name just a couple of responsibilities she has and has had. Moret worked for the Lawrence Berkeley Lab (Moret refers to it as a "bomb factory") for five years and ultimately blew the whistle on the fraud and corruption, etc. at the lab. Since then she has devoted herself to activism-- speaking up with information and organizing others to also take a stand for the environment and the health of it and us on the earth.. One of her particular areas of focus and expertise is educating people about the horrors of "depleted uranium"-- i.e., exposure to radioactive waste which, since the beginning of the Manhattan Project atomic bomb testing from 1957-1963, we have all been exposed to some degree as it blows around as fine dust and there is no getting rid of it or avoiding it for thousands of years. It comes from nuclear power plants as well. DU, as it is called for short, is a neurotoxin and is responsible for the rise in autism, cancer, ms, and other neurological diseases. She goes into some detail about the evidences for the extremely horrible effects of DU on children, fish, many living things and especially people who are exposed to weapons utilizing DU -- such as the people of Afghanistan who were recently bombed, the Iraqi people and the US military who were there. The results are obvious in not only their own cancers, sickness, but that of their spouses and children. DU exposure doesn't go away and it's everywhere. It was introduced as a weapon for the first time in 1991 in the first Gulf War and is the cause of Gulf War Syndrome -- yet another cover-up. The San Francisco Bay Area, where Moret lives, is especially toxic and she says the reason for Marin County (near the Golden Gate Bridge) having the highest breast cancer rate in the US..

When asked how she is so seemingly fearless and motivated -- and even cheerful-- Leuren Moret says that it is we, the grassroots folks, that are paying for all these toxic horrors -- paying with our money and our children's future-- and it is we who can stop it by standing up. She feels good about her truth telling and encourages other to do the same.

Table of Contents

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