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Dr. Masaru Emoto

Hidden Messages of Water: world energies retained in water

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TRT: 27:41
Date: 2006-05-02

Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Hidden Messages of Water, and several other books, has been a doctor of Alternative Medicine in Japan for many years. English speakers have heard of him in the popular film What the Bleep Do We Know...? He has learned that water has the ability to retain information and to be influenced by thoughts, music, written words, prayers, etc.. He wanted to be able to show this visually so that anyone could see it and thus, believe it. Twelve years ago he started taking photos of water crystals that had been frozen for three hours at less than 25 degree selsius. He would divide each sample into 50 petri dishes, freeze them and look at each of them under a microscope. If examining spring or tap water he would use that but if exposing water to images or sounds he always uses distilled water of the same quality to assure uniformity. It is clear from looking at the images of the water crystals that they vary enormously depending on the words that were said to them, the music it was exposed to, the toxins in it, etc.. This is enormously important and has huge implications as to the ability of humans, for instance, to purify toxic water. He gives the example of the very polluted Lake Biywa in Japan going from extremely toxic to almost totally unpolluted due to the gathering of people a few times to meditate, pray and send love and appreciation to the water.

Dr Emoto says, as do many non-western models, that sickness is caused by disharmony at the elementary particle vibrational level. What he calls "Hado" is what we may be accustomed to calling "chi". Since water is so primary, including us humans, we have an enormous potential to influence ourselves and everything else in our world in these times of serious toxicity and breakdown. It is this possibility that motivates Dr. Emoto to do his work, hoping that people will learn to give appreciation, love, gratitude and respect to water everywhere at all times-- in the shower, in ourselves, in the rain, etc., etc. He had nightmares all his life every night about the Mayan prophecy and "end of the world" scenario. Since he started doing this work with water these nightmares have stopped. Dr. Emoto is adamant about the importance of this work at this time on earth and has started an institute on the island of Hawaii to teach Hado instructors and do research. Several sessions have already been completed. Dr. Emoto has also written a book in English and Japanese directed to children to learn about our ability to influence water as he thinks it's probably too late for most adults and the importance of knowing our power to improve the situation of ourselves and all things on the earth is imperative at this time. He begs us to take this information SERIOUSLY.

This interview was translated by Ayano Fuyuo.

Table of Contents

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