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“Babylon” is the “isms” and “schisms” not only within the system but within ourselves. Let's organize, unify and step out of Babylon.



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Eloise Engman

The dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms in food crops

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TRT: 28:40
Date: 2006-05-02

Eloise Engman is the founder of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) FREE MAUI (one of the Hawaiian Island) which is also part of the greater GMO FREE HAWAII. She says that Maui has the most open air field tests of experimental organisms per acre of anywhere in the world-- mostly dealing with plants though it's possible there are animals experiments as well. It is especially of concern because some of the plants are "biopharmaceuticals" which have already "contaminated" food crops and been destroyed by the local government due to concern about the contamination of food crops. In Maui much of the papayas are genetically modified, have an antibiotic resistant gene, a string of ecoli and a string of amino acids which are identical to a known allergan. She tells a chilling tale of the sickness of her partner attributed to these papayas. Monsanto, the major company doing 90% of all genetic modification (and makers of major toxics-- agent orange, dioxin and PCB's), is also working on patenting the sacred Hawaiian crop of taro.

Engman says that about 80% of what is on the food market now is genetically modified. We wouldn't know that since it is not labeled. Most canola, soy, and corn have already been contaminated and are gentically engineered. Of particular concern is the addition of antibiotic resistant genes ("markergenes") which have been shot with "gene guns" into plants. Hawaii has a huge seed corn crop and much of it is genetically modified. Since corn, and corn oil are in most all "processed" food this is very dangerous and should be avoided altogether.

The good news is that the Hawaiian coffee growers have insisted there must be no genetic modification of Hawaiian coffee. In defense of our own health we need to plant and eat organic and fight Monsato and GMO food before it has contaminated all the organic seeds and organic food becomes impossible. We should organize and add our communities to those counties and countries who have taken a stand against genetically modified organisms.

Table of Contents

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