Steppin’ Out of Babylon: Radio Interviews
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“Babylon” is the “isms” and “schisms” not only within the system but within ourselves. Let's organize, unify and step out of Babylon.

Featured issues: 9/11 coverup, media, indigenous people, peak oil, fraudulent elections, oil, environmental pollution and toxicity, human rights, civil rights, racism, militarism, weapons, immigrants, genetic engineering, Buddhism, resource depletion, health, communication



Sue Supriano’s Steppin’ Out of Babylon is a radio interview series covering a broad range of important issues in today’s world: peace and war, human and civil rights, communication, the media, the environment, food security, racism, globalization, immigration and matters of the spirit.



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filename.mp3, December 2004, (TRT 27'20")

Jose Stevens is a psychotherapist, shaman, author and international lecturer. He and his wife and colleague, Lena Stevens live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Jose Stevens has taught at the Psychology Graduate School and the Dept. of Transpersonal Counseling at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, Ca. Jose Stevens and Lena Stevens founded an organization based in Santa Fe-- Power Path Seminars ( which does a variety of things including educational seminars and workshops on personal and spiritual matters including shamanism. They lecture and lead seminars nationally and internationally, tours to South American where the members learn from indigenous shamans and more. Some of Stevens' books are The Personality Puzzle- Solving the Mystery of Who You Are, Tao to Earth and Earth to Tao, Secrets of Shamanism- Tapping the Spirit Power Within You, co-authored with Lena Stevens, and Transforming your Dragons- How to Turn Fear Patterns into Personal Power.

In Program 1 Stevens explains the system he uses for helping people understand themselves and others. It's a classification of people and their personalities, issues, challenges, strengths and weaknesses. He also focuses on the issue of fear and its importance on what is going on in the world and especially the US, how we are purposely made to feel afraid and manipulated by fear by the "powers that be". Therefore, it's especially important to get beyond our fear and thinking clearly and constructively.

Program 2: Stevens focuses on the readings/predictions he and Lena Stevens have been doing yearly for approximately 10 years. The readings are based on the same system as the personality system mentioned earlier. Their predictions for this year of 2005 are that it will be somewhat quiet before the storm although they also say that generally things are going to get rockier and rockier on the planet. Stevens goes into some detail about the themes of this year being nurturance, spiritual growth, and taking care of business before things become almost certainly more chaotic and deteriorate for the next 7 years at least. He talks at some length about the changes in technology which may have very bad consequences for health, well, being, freedom and privacy using the example of microchips on products to keep track of them (and maybe us). He agrees with the prophesies that speak of 2012 as a very monumental year for the planet and those of us who live on it. He says that by 2020 the world will be unrecognizable compared to what we are presently accustomed to. Exactly how it will look will depend on us and how we create it.  He talks about trends both nationally and geopolitically, the need for much healing including especially the healing of military returning from war situations. Of course, climate change and peak oil are mentioned too. We are hearing from scientists as well about the seriousness of these changes.
January, 2005
Program 1: josestevens1.mp3, (TRT 28'04")
Program 2: josestevens2.mp3, (TRT 27'23")

Father Jean Juste is a Catholic Priest and a prominent activist for social justice and the rights of immigrants in Haiti and the United States. On Wednesday, October 13, 2004, Haitian police forcibly entered the St. Clare Catholic Church Rectory in Port-au-Prince and arrested him without a warrant while he was feeding 600 hungry children a meal his congregation serves twice a week. He was imprisoned and then released seven weeks later as a result of an outpouring of international pressure.

In this interview he speaks of the situation and suffering in Haiti under the present regime which was put into place after President Aristide was kidnapped with the aid of the US, and taken out of the country in 2004. Fr. Jean Juste had visited South Africa just before this interview where he visited many times with President Aristide who is in exile there. Both President Aristide and Fr. Jean Juste plead for the people of the world to support Aristide returning to Haiti to finish his term as democratically elected President with a term through 2006. He also speaks of Haiti as part of America and asks especially that the U.S and Canada may see the Caribbean, South and Central America as part of America and replace the strife, colonialism, oppression that is the order of the day with support for people (there have been hurricanes and drought in Haiti recently) and work together for the good of all "Americans"-- ALL constitutions should be respected.  He mentions that he sees much more unity in Africa and Europe than in "America" and during his recent visit to both continents he experienced a huge amount of anti-Bush and anti-American sentiment from people. They didn't even want the US Dollar in those countries, but preferred the Euro.

Fr. Jean-Juste's programs feeding hungry children in Haiti receive support from the What If? Foundation and they would be most grateful for any support sent to them. You can reach them at
frjeanjuste.mp3, January 2005, (TRT 28'39")

Don Paul and Jim Hoffman , authors of an earlier book, "Great Crimes, A Greater Coverup..."  talk about their new book on the crimes of 911.  It's entitled "Waking Up >From Our Nightmare- The 9/11/01 Crimes In New York City".  It's short (less than 100 pages), easy to read and full of photos and graphics.  It covers a lot of ground with emphasis on the exploding of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and World Trade Center Building 7 which, though never even mentioned in the Official Government 911 Commission Report, fell in it's footprint, totally to the ground at the end of the afternoon of Sept. 11, 01.  It was never hit be any plane or anything else that we know of.

Paul and Hoffman go through much of the evidence for the tragic events of 911 being an "inside job".  They discuss how the fear and of "terrorism" based on the lies about 911 have been used to justify the repression and war that has followed.They also talk in some depth about, what they refer to as "the financiers behind Sept. 11" and discuss some models we could be imitating to have a better, more healthy and caring world.,
donpauljimhoffman.mp3, January 2005, (TRT 27'43")

Dr. Mike Alcalay is a physician living with AIDS.  He is a medical marijuana patient and, in fact, the Medical Director of the Oakland Cannabis Buyer's Cooperative in Oakland, California.  In this interview he speaks of working with "Waiting to Inhale" a video documentary being produced by PBS.  Through this involvement he has been able to interview almost all of the 300 scientist members (from 20 countries) of the International Cannabinoid Research Society.  He has learned a lot from them about the science of cannabis-- how it works with the brain, it's lack of side effects, and its safety.  It's impossible to overdose as opposed to other substances like heroin, alcohol and penicillin, for example.  There are over 80 cannabinoids in the plant, around 8 have different actions that are very helpful with humans and more and more is being understood about the how they work.

Alcalay runs a free medical marijuana clinic in Oakland under prop 215 which legalizes medical marijuana in California.  He talks about the many things he's learned from his patients about marijuana, the different types of this plant, and the best ways to use it.  He also talks a bit about the political situation in the country and repression.  However, the interview ends on a note of great optimism since such a huge number of people have voted for medical marijuana use in the US.
mikealcalay.mp3, December 2004, (TRT 27'55")

Danny Schecter, the New Dissector, is a writer, film-maker, TV producer (Rights & Wrongs was one of his TV shows), one of the founders of Globalvision, and media critic who lives and works in New York.  As Schecter and other independent media makers have been pointing out, the corporate media has been influential in molding people's opinions about what is going on in the world more and more for the last 20 years, as it gets more and more concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer media corporations which are also close to the US Government.  Sue Supriano caught up with Danny Schecter to talk to him while he was in San Francisco for the opening of his new film.

In this show Schecter concentrates on his just released film, WMD- Weapons of Mass Deception. The film is jam packed with stories and facts about how the corporate media influences public opinion with distortions, lies, and Hollywood film approaches as to what is going on in Iraq and with the American military. It explores and explains the role of the media in whipping up support for the war in Iraq and goes into details about how it specifically does that.  For example, some "embedded journalists" are interviewed in the film and it becomes clear how "embedded journalists" adopt the interests and concerns of the military they get personally close while being "embedded".  Another example of the many many details included in the film is how the details of how some of the pictures shown about the happiness of the Iraqi people to see the US military were totallly staged.  The film is very very informative, interesting and an important contribution to help American media consumers "wake up".,,
dannyschecter.mp3, December 2004, (TRT 27'20")

Dave Adelson works as a research physiologist and also spends a lot of his time as a media activist. He has been working with Pacifica Radio for some time and is on the Pacifica National Board as well as the local KPFK Local Station Board in Los Angeles where he lives.  He's very excited about the possibilities of radio producers being "hubs" rather than "gatekeepers", creating our own really democratic media and distributing it for little or nothing.  He is one of the founders of the LA Sound Posse which is "copylefted"  meaning their social justice audio material is not copy- righted and controled but, to the contrary, it is uncontroled and intended to be spread out used freely far and wide in an affordable and decentralized manner as possible.  Those involved (and it's open to all) go to events to both record and distribute speeches by activists, writers, and independent media makers.  They sell CD's for just enough to cover costs.

The new technology of MP3 and the internet makes decentralized and affordable (free??!!)  very easy already and Adelson predicts it will become more and more decentralized, accessible and easy to distribute as wireless networks spread.  The next two years will see development of the MP3 players and it's up to us as the people's media producers to see that there is plenty of material for people to hear.,,,
daveadelson.mp3, December 2004, (TRT 28'51")

Wanjira Mathai is the international liason for the world-renowned Green Belt Movement of Kenya.  This movement was founded by Wagari Maathai, Wanjira's lengendary mother who is an attorney and women's and eco and human rights leader, member of a new, democratically-elected government of Kenya, and recent winner of the highly acclaimed, Nobel Peace Prize.

Wajira Mathai is part of a new generation of emerging young leaders and is a rising figure in Kenyan and international environmental, women's and social justice movements.  In this interview she describes the history of the Green Belt Movement of Kenya and how it functions as a catalyst for grassroots organizing of sustaniable projects in more in more countries in Africa as well as Kenya.  She also speaks a bit of the new democratic Kenyan government and touches on that universal issue of sexism which exists in Kenya like everywhere else.
wanjiramathai.mp3, October 2004, (TRT 28'18")

"Peak Oil" and it's impact on us, (Program 1): Richard Heinberg is a writer and teacher whose focus in these times is "peak oil".  Presently he teaches Human Ecology at New College of San Francisco in Santa Rosa, California. Two of his several books are  "The Party's Over-Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies" and "Powerdown:Options and Actions for a Post Carbon World".  In this first of two interviews with Sue Supriano he explains that "peak oil" means that the cheap oil we've had available to build our industrial world is over and our industrialized world has already started coming to the end that is inevitable and which is likely to be a huge dislocation from the way of life to which we are accustomed in the "first world".  It will affect the energy that we're used to having and transportation, food supply, common materials that we're used to which are based on oil-- plastic, clothes, buildings and on and on.

In this interview he focuses on analyzing the geopolitical issues of who controls the remaining oil as well as the probable wars and political control which we see already occuring.  He says he thinks "the gloves will come off" in terms of attempts to control the oil and other energy resources. This interview lays the ground for the following interview which focuses more on what we can do as we must "Powerdown".  Check out his website at
richardheinberg1.mp3, October 2004, (TRT 27'10")

“Peak Oil” and it’s impact on all of us (Program 2): Richard Heinberg, a member of the Core Faculty at the New College of California in Santa Rosa, is the author of several award-winning books, the latest 2 of which are The Party’s Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies and Power Down: Options and Actions for a Post Carbon World. In this radio show we discuss the issues of "peak oil", meaning that the peak of cheap and affordable oil (and natural gas) has passed and the end of the industrial age is coming to an end. Though the exact date is unknown it is agreed by all the experts it will be within the next ten years, and Heinberg thinks it will be within the next 2 years or so, probably starting in the next few months. How we prepare for this as individuals and as a society will make a huge difference in the ease with which we make this transition and the amount of suffering experienced in this moving out of the "age of oil". The time to start was yesterday, but better late than never.  His website is
richardheinberg2.mp3, September 2004, (TRT 27'20")

Catherine Austin Fitts speech, Dec. 15, 2004 in San Rafael, California
Simple and Complex: The Wealth Revolution: Solari Tools for Safety and Transformation
Introductory speech with questions, which was followed the next day with a workshop

Catherine Austin Fitts served as Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of the Wall Street Investment Bank of Dillon Reed and Co.. She was the Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at Housing and Urban Development during the first President Bush's Administration. After that she founded and directed the Hamilton Securities Group, Inc., a broker/dealer investment bank and software development company that successfully completer $12 billion in transactions and $500 billion of portfolio strategy prototyping of the Solari model. She currently serves on the Board of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee and also writes a column in "Scoop Media" on the internet, entitled Managing the Real Deal.
To learn more about Solari go to CD's of this talk will be available through the Solari website by mid-January, 2005
catherinaustinfitts03.mp3, December 15, 2004, (TRT 2 hours)

Ramao daSilva is a leader of the National Coordination Committee of the MST (Landless Workers' Movement of Brazil).  In Brazil, 3% of the population owns two-thirds of the arable land resulting in a huge population of landless peasants and hungry people.  Clara Long, who works with the US-based, Friends of the MST, translates the interview.  DaSilva describes how the MST is democratically organized by being divided into collectives of families which are then part of a larger collective, etc..  The farmers farm organically with an objective of every person having at least one good meal a day.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the founding of the MST, the largest grassroots organization of rural workers in the Americas-- perhaps in the world.  DaSilva talks about the history of the formation of the MST, how the Workers' Party which was also formed 20 years ago, is now in power in Brazil, how President Lula supports the MST though his hands are presently tied in terms of real action with regard to land distribution changes in Brazil and how this is due to the neoliberal policies in place in Brazil as well as in much of the world.
RamaoMSTBrazil.mp3, September 2004, (TRT 28'50")

Ali Sharif is the Project Director of Permacultura Latina America.  The organization is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The permaculture approach was designed by Australian Bill Mollison in the late '70's and its methodology has traveled the globe.  It is based on the connections between the combined issues of food, clean water, renewable energy, biological sanitation and dignified shelter and how they coalesce into an integrated process.

Ali Sharif was born in Iran, educated in Europe and has been working in Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru and Brazil since 1988 when Permacultura Latina America, under his direction, started to teach this integrated and sustainable approach in Latin America.  Most of the time Sharif has lived in the Amazon working with indigenous groups.  The main work is to train others in the permaculture approach of harmony and balance.  To date they have trained many many thousands of people throughout Latin America with an emphasis on Brazil-- a huge and important country where the disparity in income is the largest in Latin America.  The emphais is particularly on training youth with the idea that it is easier to teach young minds than have to "unlearn" old habits.  These youth in turn pass on their skills.  At the end, however, economics is still a crucial aspect of the success of these practices.
AliSharif.mp3, October 2004, (TRT 27'38")


Catherine Austin Fitts is an investment banker who was with The Hamilton Securities Group, Inc., Washington, DC, San Francisco, CA, and New York, NY She was President of this firm, responsible for founding and building this broker-dealer/investment bank with special emphasis on financial software technology and advanced decision science. She was also the was Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing (HUD) Commissioner in 1989-1990. While with HUD Fitts was responsible for the operations of the Federal Housing Administration and became a whistle blower going public with information about corruption in HUD and the misuse of these government funds meant for low cost housing. In this interview Fitts focuses on what's happening now with Section 8 housing while explaining what she discovered while working for HUD.

She also speaks with great enthusiasm of Solari, Inc., of which she is the President and investment advisor. Solari is based in Hickory Valley, Tennessee where Fitts lives and is the very important project she founded. The purpose of Solari is to help us organize into our own local Solari projects and make decisions to use our money to create sustainable local economies in these times where there is so much corruption in our corporations/government in the US. She writes-- "I believe we can transform our economy and the our world. I believe we can start doing this wherever we live, beginning in our own towns, neighborhoods and villages. We can do this by voting with our time and our money in the marketplace as well as the voting booth, in a way that creates jobs and financial security in our communities, strengthens our small businesses and farms, and generates attractive investment returns for local and global investors." Fitts is clear that turning to the thoroughly corrupt government for help is a complete waste of time. The website she would like people to look at is
catherineaustinfitts.mp3 October 2004, (TRT 27'59")

Martha Dina Arguello is an environmental health coordinator with Physicians for Social Responsibility in Los Angeles. She has greatly expanded PSR's environmental health programs and its involvement with the highly effective Health Care Without Harm Coalition. She serves on many boards, including the board of the Science and Environmental Health Network, the Steering Committee of Californians for Pesticide Reform and the Latino Issues Forum's Water and Energy Advisory group. She is very active at the grassroots level as well and has been a community activist since high school.

In this interview she talks about many issues -- toxic food, water, children's health, the importance of local communities controling what happens at the local level, etc.. She particularly focuses on the use of the "Precautionary Principle" which involves not using a method or substance or approach until it is clear that it is not harmful-- putting the burden of proof on the developer of the approach or substance, rather than on the system or persons who have suffered. Arquello is an example of an incredibly energetic and committed activist who has been working at many levels of the health and justice movement since high school in Los Angeles.
marthadinaarguello.mp3 October 2004 (TRT 27'11")

Jim Marrs is the author of Inside Job: Unmasking the 9/11 Conspiracies.  Jim is a veteran investigative journalist and the New York Times bestselling author of Rule by Secrecy and Crossfire: The Plot that Killed Kennedy which has sold 1.5 million copies since 1990.  Inside Job examines the evidence for the case that powerful US officials must have acted from the inside to, at the very least, allow the 9/11 attacks to occur, remove or cover up criminal evidence and hamper inquiries into what happened on September 11, 2001.
October 2004,    jimmarrs.mp3 (TRT 27' 15")

The Sustainable Solutions Caravan, a biodiesel bus running on pure vegetable oil, is going from the Bay Area to Costa Rica for the second time.  It’s leaving early Dec. and Zack Zaidman, Abeja Hummel, Tom Shaver and Stephen Brooks will be on it.  Sue Supriano talks to them in this interview.  On their way down south they will be promoting and popularizing sustainability (lots of permaculture) throughout the countries where they travel, focusing on the use of renewable energies, organic farming and sustainable lifestyles.  They will share seeds, information and technologies for sustainable living that are environmentally, economically and socially relevant to local communities.  They will connect farmers with organic distributors-- thereby providing economic incentive and technical help for farmers to transition to organic and they will support the creation of a network of people, projects, and organizations involved in all aspects of sustainable living solutions throughout neo-tropical Central America.

They will also create events for information exchange with already-existing grassroots efforts in communities where they go, hold press conferences and meet with the Ministries of Agriculture and other governmental agencies in each country to discuss ways to support and expand sustaniable, organic farming practices in their respective countries.  They’ll be in Mexico City on Dec. 16.

To keep in touch, contribute, learn more, their website is
October 2004, BiodieselBusCostaRica.mp3 (TRT 27'42")

The Wonders of Mushrooms: Paul Stamets is President of Fungi Perfecti, a mail-order business supplying cultures, equipment and mycotechnologies to mushroom cultivators throughout the world.  He has discovered four new species of mushrooms and pioneered countless techniques in the field of edible and medicinal mushroom cultivation and in "fungal bioremediation". He has authored five books including Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms; The Mushroom Cultivator; Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World and many articles and scholarly papers. His passion is to preserve, protect and clone as many ancestral strains as possible from the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest where he lives.  In 2003 Stamets received a patent on mycopesticides which have the potential to replace most pesticides without harming the environment. He spoke at the 2004 Bioneers in San Rafael, Ca. where this interview was conducted.

His 6th book is Mycelium Running and his website is <>  Stamets’ work is incredibly important for our health and future!
October 2004, paulstamets.mp3, (TRT 27'08")

John Mohawk, a Turtle Clan Senecca from the Cattaraugus Reservation (Iroquois), former editor of Akwesasne Notes, once the largest Indian publication in the US, is an assistant professor of American Studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo and associate professor and director Indigenous Studies in the Center for the Americas.  He lectures on topics in Native American Studies and is also a farmer.  Mohawk has been working with the Bioneers since it's beginning 15 years ago. He was plenary speaker in 2004 Bioneers where this interview was conducted. He's also working with Bioneers to develop food products based on traditional Iroquios white corn, is on the board of the Bioneers and is the author of Utopian Legacies.

In this interview he talks about the issues of perpetual and inevitable climate change, examples of what has happened to many indigenous societies in the Americas and the importance of our taking responsibility for what happens to us in the era of extreme climate change -- e.g., saving non genetically modified seeds and getting to know what wild greens we can eat.
October 2004, Mohawk.mp3, (TRT 27'23")


Community Radio in Democratic South Africa: Interview with Jamila Ibrahim-Smith, Director of the National Community Radio Forum in South Africa. Ibrahim-Smith talks about the types of community radio in South Africa, what exactly "community radio" means, the issues and challenges the stations are confronted with and how they are being handled.
September 2004, Download: jamilaIbrahimsmith.mp3, (TRT 28'48")

Dr. Leonard Horowitz on the dangers of vaccines: Dr. Horowitz is a graduate of Harvard School of Public Health, an independent researcher, and author of several book and many articles. Emerging Viruses: Aids and Ebola- Nature, Accident or Intentional, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare, Healing Celebrations... and others. In addition he’s written many articles, had his own radio show, and appeared many times as a guest on the TV and radio shows of others.
In this interview he focuses on the issue of vaccinations and how they can be more harmful than good, and the reasons why. Also on what we can do to educate others and take care of ourselves. His website is
Recorded August 2004
Download: LeonardHorowitz.mp3 - 13.4Mb 64kbps (TRT 29'09")

Christine Rose is the producer of the just completed film, Liberty Bound. It’s her first film, supported solely by herself, and comes from intense concern and dedication to the getting the word out about what she describes as “the lies and oppression, and corruption that has invaded her country since 9/11”. The film is excellent, inspired by the style of Michael Moore, though, of course, Christine Rose is her own dynamic self. In this interview she talks about her background and how she took it upon herself to do this film, many of the experiences, scenes and issues in the film, especially of the harassment of people with disregard for what used to be their constitutionally protected rights. She is a very inspiring person and this comes across in the interview. She wants to distribute the film as widely as possible, especially before the Nov. election, and it’s up to us, word of mouth, to distribute it and/or see it in our homes with friends. Her website is
Recorded Sept. 2, 2004
Download: ChristineRose.mp3 - 12.7Mb 64kbps (TRT 28'25")

John Hepburn worked with Greenpeace in Australia where he was the project coordinator for genetically modified food issues. Sue Supriano talked to him in the San Francisco Bay Area where he was in June for the gathering and teach-in of "Reclaim the Commons". This interview was conducted after the end of Reclaim the Commons. Another interview with him is on this website. This is #2 conducted as he was about to leave on a trip through the US and Europe to visit projects of sustainability. Hepburn speaks about his impression of the US movement and talks about environmental issues in Australia.
Recorded June 2004
Download: JohnHepburn_2.mp3 - 12.8Mb 64kbps (TRT 28'00")

Clifford Carnicom is a computer consultant and scientist. He has made it his business to look into the aerosol lines in the sky about which he, and others, are concerned. It is clear that planes are putting lines in the sky very often and in great quantity. It has been impossible to get information about who is doing this or what is in the aerosol material being discharged into our atmosphere. They are definitely NOT vapor trails which come from all planes and disappear very quickly. These stay in the air as they dissipate for many many hours, days, etc.. Carnicom has been researching this matter for something like 8 years and found that there is definitely particulate matter being discharged and it’s not good for living things. His website is
Listen to this interview and start looking in the sky!
Recorded September 2004
Download: CliffordCarnicorn.mp3 - 12.8Mb 64kbps (TRT 28'00")

Mike Ruppert: Breaking news from Mike Ruppert on 9/11. Ruppert was in town to talk to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on Aug. 31. While in the Bay Area he did an interview for Steppin’ Out of Babylon. He talks about his upcoming book-- available in about mid-September from and from general release in October. The title is Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil. It’s a very well documented account of what happened on 9/11/2001 among other things.
In this interview Ruppert describes what prevented planes from immediately intercepting the hijacked planes as they normally would have, and he names Cheney as being in charge of the operations of that day from the White House. Don’t miss this show!!!
Recorded August 31, 2004.
Download: MikeRuppert.mp3 - 12.7Mb 64kbps (TRT 27'48")

Julian Darley: Julian Darley is Founder/Director of the Post Carbon Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia, author of High Noon for Natural Gas: the New Energy Crisis. He describes kinds of natural gas, their depletion and scarcity, how they are located in countries not necessarily friendly to the US and the difficulties of transporting natural gas. Darley also focuses on how "relocalization" and living very very simply is the only way to deal with the depletion of oil and natural gas, both of which have already peaked, never to be available again as they have been before. We are nearing the end of the industrialized world, it will be a very big change and it behooves us to prepare starting right now to cushion the move into these new times. See and
Recorded August 2004
Download: JulianDarley.mp3 - 13.1Mb 64kbps (TRT 28'27")

Michael Dorsey: Michael Dorsey is a Professor at Dartmouth College in the Environmental Studies Department. Sue Supriano met him at the Reclaiming the Commons Teach-In in San Francisco in June, 04. Reclaim the Commons was the counter gathering to the biotech companies' conference at the same time. Dorsey talks about biopiracy of indigenous people, and the interlocking of corporations that are attempting to privatize even the genes of people.
Recorded June 2004
Download: MichaelDorsey.mp3 - 12.2Mb 64kbps (TRT 26'48")

Marta Rodriguez: Marta Rodriquez, a Venezuelan film maker has been making documentary films of the lives of Afro-Venezuelan people for many years, both with her husband, now deceased, and on her own. She has been committed to bringing this reality to educate others of the plight of these people's struggle to survive and to support them in their lives.
Recorded May 2004
Download: MartaRodriguez.mp3 - 13.7Mb 64kbps (TRT 29'57")

JULY 2004

Prometheus Radio Project - Pete Tridish and Kate Coyer
The Prometheus Radio Project was founded by Pete Tridish, a micropower broadcaster from Philadelphia, to support the low power fm radio movement. This 3 person paid staff, with the help of many volunteers and supporters, won a very important court case in June 04. The decision of the court prevents the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) from allowing even greater consolidation of corporate control of the media. Prometheus also helps start new micro-radio stations in the US and internationally. Tridish speaks about these things in the first half of the show.
Kate Coyer, a PhD student at the U. of London and a grassroots radio activist in indymedia and Prometheus among other audio projects, speaks in the second half of the show about a bill in the US Congress to legalize more Low Power FM stations. This interview was conducted at the Grassroots Radio Conference in California. See:
Recorded June 2004
Download: Tridish_Coyer.mp3 - 13.3Mb 64kbps (TRT 20'00")

Genetically Modified Food: John Hepburn is on a leave as Project Director of the Project concerning Genetically Engineered Food with Greenpeace, Australia. He was interviewed at the Reclaiming the Commons Teach In in San Francisco which was part of the campaign to educate and protest the meeting of the genetic technology companies in San Francisco in June, 04. He speaks about genetically engineered food, what it is and the reasons to stop it and what is going on in Australia in particular which has rejected such food. He gives examples of other places that reject GMO food and the importance of the US media in continuing to keep people uninformed. He also speaks of other environmental issues in Australia.
Recorded June 2004
Download: JohnHepburn2.mp3 - 12.8Mb 64kbps (TRT 28'04")

Peretz Kidron is an Israeli writer and peace activist. He can be heard on KPFA radio where he has been reporting for years. He works with the organization Yes-Gvul, meaning “There is a limit”, which supports the growing Refusenik movement in Israel-- the members of the Israeli military who refuse to go to the occupied territories to oppress the Palestinian people. These are soldiers of conscience who are the cutting edge of those Israelis who oppose the occupation. According to Kidron, there were at least 13,000 of these Refuseniks at the time of this interview which, if it were to happen proportionately in the US would equal 50,000 US military-- a significant number with a significant effect. The number is growing all the time as others are influenced by their fellow military who take a stand. It's also a good model for the US. Kidron urges people to adopt a Refusenik and support him/her financially and morally. What if there were a war and nobody came?
Recorded June 2004
Download: PeretzKidron.mp3 - 12.6Mb 64kbps (TRT 27'31")

Life in Iraq Under Siege: Dahr Jamail is an American independent writer for and can often be heard reporting from Iraq on Flashpoints on KPFA Radio. He has been on several trips to Iraq where he has spent months at a time. In fact, he just came from Iraq a couple of days before this interview in California. He speaks very movingly about life on a daily level in Iraq, with bombs going off all day and night. He speaks about the Iraqi people, himself, the US military-- all living in this unbelievably stressful environment where an Iraqi and/or those close to he/she, could be arrested and imprisoned and anyone can be killed at any time-- the pain of war and occupation-- both for the occupied and the occupiers, but especially the invaded and occupied Iraqis who, although they were mostly very hospitable to Jamail, were developing more and more hatred for American occupiers. You can read his blog at
Recorded July 2004
Download: DahrJamail.mp3 - 12.5Mb 64kbps (TRT 27'18")

Terminator Seeds, Nanotechnology: Hope Shand has been working with the Canadian based, ETC Group (Erosion, Technology and Concentration) for over 20 years. She is the Research Director and has written on agricultural biodiversity, corporate concentration and the the social and economic impacts of emerging technologies and who controls the ownership of the emerging technologies. Shand is the author of "Human Nature: Agricultural Biodiversity and Farm Based Food Security". She lives in South Carolina. This interview took place during the "Reclaim the Commons" Teach in in San Francisco in June, 04.
In this show the focus is on genetically modified food and on nanotechnology-- a very important, technology for creating from microscopic building blocks. People need to know more about it as it is already present in things we come into contact with, though it is not well understood or sufficiently tested. She especially talks about cosmetics. See
June 2004
Download: HopeShand.mp3 - 12.6Mb 64kbps (TRT 27'29")

JUNE 2004

Sirikit Syah founded LKM Media Consumer’s Board, the first and only media watch organization in Indonesia. Ms. Sirikit is also a founder and Vice Chairman of Surabaya School of Mass Communication and is the recently elected Chairman of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission for East Java province. As a journalist, activist and educator she focuses on journalism in regions of conflict, media ethics, and freedom of the press. Ms. Syah also has a weekly interactive radio program, edits a monthly media watch journal , and publishes anthologies of essays on topics such as women’s issues and politics in the media.

In this conversation Sirikit Syah talks about her background, many media projects, being a Muslim woman, the press in Indonesia and her view of the US.
Recorded May 2004
Download: SikritSyah.mp3 - 12.8Mb 64kbps (TRT 28'04")

Dr. Michio Kaku is an internationally recognized, Harvard graduate and authority in theoretical physics and the environment. Today he holds the Henry Semat Professorship in Theoretical Physics at the City University of New York (CUNY) where he has taught for over 25 years. Michio Kaku also hosts a weekly radio show, "Explorations in Science" where he addresses topics in science, technology, war and politics. He has appeared on over 600 radio programs around the country and most major newspapers.

His most popular and best selling books include Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps and the Tenth Dimension and Visions: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century. They have both been widely translated.

In this interview Dr. Kaku focuses on his most recent book: Einstein’s Cosmos: How Einstein’s Vision Transformed Our Understanding of Space and Time. He is able to explain the most fascinating and complex ideas in science today in ways that are elegant and easy to understand. He has done so in this interview as he talks about "string theory" and the basic consciousness and music of the universe.
Recorded May 2004
Download: MichiKaku.mp3 - 13.2Mb 64kbps (TRT 28'58")

Mario A. Murillo is an assistant professor in the Audio/Video/Film Department of the School of Communication at Hofstra University. He is also the host of Pacifica Radio’s Our Americas: The Weekly Report on Latin America and the Caribbean. He is the author of Columbia and the United States: War, Terror and Destabilization which is the focus of this radio interview. Murillo’s family is from Columbia and he has spent much of life there as well as in the US. This brings a particular understanding of the situation there and US involvement in it, as millions on the tax dollars of Americans are spent in military "aid" in Columbia, a country where more journalists are killed per capita than in any other country.
Recorded 2004.
Download: MarioMurillo.mp3 - 12.8Mb 64kbps (TRT 28'00")

John Hepburn works with Greenpeace, Australia on the issue of genetic engineering. He was in San Francisco for the Reclaiming the Commons Teach In and action while the big biotech companies, such as Bayer and Monsanto and many others, were meeting in San Francisco. He speaks about the issues and horrors of genetic engineering, especially genetically engineered food which is so prevalent in the United States, but which is rejected by many countries, including Australia. He also speaks about other environmental issues in Australia that concern Greenpeace and should concern us all such as the cutting of old growth trees, poisoning of the water, oil drilling, genetically engineered seeds, etc.. He also shares his positive impression of activists in the US that he’s meeting.
Recorded June 2004
Download: JohnHepburn.mp3 - 12.8Mb 64kbps (TRT 26'52")

May 2004

Bill Douglas and Carol Brouillet are interviewed at the 9/11 International Inquiry-Phase 1 in San Francisco, CA at the end of March, 04.

Bill Douglas lives in Kansas City, Mo. where he works with the 911Visibility Project-- a national project and organization which supplies support and tools for organizing and getting out the word about what happened on Sept. 11, 01. This project goes straight to the people by using signs saying "Stop the 911 Cover-Up". Douglas talks about the need for going around some leaders and straight to the people with information and organizing. In fact, people are hungry for information and building an action-oriented 911 truth movement. More and more local organizations are being organized and the 911 visibility website provides a good way to get local contacts in your area and organize to broaden the number of people demanding an end to the cover up and an exposure of the truth of what happened on 911, 2001. The website is

Carol Brouillet organized the International Inquiry, Phase 1, in San Francisco. She has been working on exposing this cover up almost since the tragic events occurred in 2001. She speaks about the conflicting interests of the Official 911 Commission, which she calls a way to justify the limitations on our civil rights-- moving toward a police state-- being put in place since September 11. She runs down the backgrounds of the commission members. People came to the Inquiry from long distances, including other countries, to this conference. The Inquiry consisted of 21 hours of talks by 911 researchers and activists. Brouillet refers to it as the ABC’s of 911-- a military standdown of planes on 911, evidence of top US Gov’t officials having links with the money behind Sept. 11 and Bob Graham having breakfast with the Head of Pakistani Intelligence who had wired $100.000 to Mohammed Atta a few days before 9/11, building 7 looked like a controlled demolition and collapsed on Sept. 11 even though it wasn’t hit by any planes or anything-- and many many more questions (and answers) about the true story of what happened on Sept. 11.

Part of the conference was a group walk across the street, carrying the "stop the 911 cover up" signs, to San Francisco City Hall to ask the present Mayor of San Francisco to investigate how and by whom Willy Brown, the former Mayor of San Francisco, was informed not to fly on 9/11. Some websites are Phase 2 of the 911 International Citizen’s Inquiry will take place from May 25. That website is Both Douglas and Brouillet suggest that Ray Griffin’s book "The New Pearl Harbor" might be the needed breakthrough on the issue of the 911 cover up. There are many website and links for further information.
Recorded on March 2004
Download: DouglasBrouillet.mp3 - 13.4Mb 64kbps (TRT 29'09")

Webster Tarpley wrote "The Unauthorized Biography of George W. Bush" in 1992. It sold out 25,000 copies right away and has been downloaded from the internet by millions of readers since. You can still read it on the internet. It’s an underground classic. In it he writes about the connections Bush family and the Nazi movement back in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Prescott Bush, George W’s grandfather, was a member of the Board of Directors of and stockholder with the Bank that was the principal financier of Hitler. He gives many more details in this interview. This information is important to know, Tarpley says, so we can know what we are dealing with now. He then talks about the official story of what happened on 911 and the questions about it that exist. He offers people a conceptual scheme, based on lots of research and knowledge of past operations, to think about "terrorism" and how it’s used, how covert operations work-- separating the "moles" from the "patsies" from the actual professional killers. He has 14 points which are serious questions, not being asked by the Official 911 Commission, about Sept. 11. Some of them are-- 1) why didn’t planes go up to stop the planes going into the buildings 2) were the buildings controlled demolitions 3) why was the Islamic world blamed with virtually no evidence 4) what explains the drive toward a totalitarian state 5) what happened to 40 floor building 7 6) what hit the Pentagon 7) Who are the Sept. 11 criminals??-- and more. Tarpley proposes an independent international truth commission similar to the Bertrand Russell Vietnam Tribunal of 1966-’67. It will be made up of famous and non-famous people who have presentations, information and who examine the evidence by international judges. He’s working on getting that set up by Aug. or Sept. of 2004, probably outside of the US since many distinguished researchers and activists would not be allowed in the U.S..
Recorded on March 2004
Download: WebsterTarpley.mp3 - 13.4Mb 64kbps (TRT 29'00")

Mary Ann Tenudo, co-founder of the Chiapas Support Group, and Barbara Deutch, activist, went to Cuba to the Third Hemispheric Conference against the FTAA (Free Trade Agreement of the Americas). Tenudo begins by describing the Zapatista movement which became very public in 1992 as NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) went into effect, threatening the well being and even survival of the indigenous peasants in southern Mexico in the area of Chiapas. She brings us up to date about how things are going for the Zapatistas now and the bad effects of NAFTA on Mexico’s corn farmers. Positively the Zapatistas are organizing collective buying, democratic governments, etc.. From the funds from this they will finance their own schools, clinics, etc.. A very positive example of "self determination". She also talks about Plan Puebla Panama which is in the works. Funded by institutions like the World Bank, construction of the infrastructure to bring tourism and "business" to the area is in process. People protested a proposed Disneyland and, as of now, defeated the plan to build. Deutsch and Tenudo describe their trip to Cuba, the issues of the Conference against the FTAA, and how these supposed "free trade" agreements adversely affect people all over the world. International attendees shared their stories at this conference. This was the first trip to Cuba for both of these women and they were both very excited about their visit. It seemed to them that people might have little, but all were fed and housed and wealth was relatively equitably distributed. They mention CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) and urge people to take action to stop it. Some websites are, The website to learn more about Chiapas is
Recorded on April 2004
Download: TenudoDeutsch.mp3 - 13.4Mb 64kbps (TRT 29'11")

This interview started in San Ramon, Ca., where the Administrative Headquarters of Chevron Texaco are located. A delegation of people from Amazon Watch are trying to meet with the CEO of Chevron Texaco, David O’Reilly, to, yet again, get the company to clean up the toxic waste they left behind. First you hear from John Dalrymple, Executive Dir. of the Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County and Rabbi Dan Goldblatt of Beth Chaim Congregation in San Ramon. They were invited by Amazon Watch to visit Ecuador and the areas affected by the devastation of oil drilling by Chevron Texaco. They were so moved by the pain and suffering caused to the indigenous inhabitants-- the guardians of the forest-- that they wanted to support them in their demands to the oil company based in their community to clean up the toxic mess. Next we hear from Rosa Moren Chalaco, a nurse from the San Carlos community, Orellana, Ecuador about her experiences and the details of the health effects on people of the area from the contamination of oil and other toxic substances. Cancer and other sicknesses are affecting a large proportion of people there. Toribio Aquinda, Delegate of the National Cofan Indigenous Federation of Ecuador, also speaks of his direct experience in his community and with the Ecuadorian government. The very good news is that they had what seemed to be a positive meeting with Chevron Texaco in San Ramon who finally said they would clean up the mess. Leila Salazar, Clean Up Ecuador Campaign Organizer with Amazon Watch, was the translator for these two people.
Recorded on April 2004
Download: AmazonWatch.mp3 - 12.9Mb 64kbps (TRT 29'25")

April 2004

Brian Concannon, Jr., is a human rights attorney with the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux, Port au Prince, Haiti. Since 1996 Mr. Concannon has worked as a Human Rights Attorney with the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux to provide legal representation to victims of politically motivated human rights abuses suffered under the military dictatorship in Haiti from 1991 to 1994. Concannon helped push forward Haiti's first successful prosecution of former military and paramilitary leaders responsible for the Raboteau Massacre of April 1994. Mr. Concannon is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, a recipient of a Brandeis International Fellowship in Human Rights, Intervention and International Law. He writes and speaks about issues of transitional justice, human rights, and the persistence of impunity in Haiti. He recently returned from a delegation to the Central African Republic that met with President Aristide of Haiti.

In this interview he talks about his trip to see Aristide, US involvement in kidnapping and taking President Aristide out of Haiti to the Central African Republic, how the same people are again in power in Haiti hunting and killing people as they did during the '91-'94 dictatorship, how he just returned from the Domincan Republic where he learned that the opposition to Aristide forces were trained to go into Haiti with support by the US and how the major media ignores all this though the information is available.

He asks people in the US to pressure the US government to return Aristide back to the presidency to which he was elected which is totally supported by law. Go to to keep in touch and see what to do.
Recorded in March 2004
Download: BrianConcannon.mp3 - 12.9Mb 64kbps (TRT 28:09)

Paul Thompson is an independent researcher and author of the complete 911 website: He has culled his information around what happened on 911 almost entirely from the mainstream corporate media where it is often buried, just mentioned briefly, etc.. It is a lot of meticulous work and amounts to hundreds of pages of information. A book based on this information will be released soon. He speaks about how he got involved in doing this voluntary research which is now invaluable to all researchers in the search for the truth about what really occurred in New York on September 11, 2001. In this show Thompson goes into detail about the the involvement of the Pakistani Government, especially the ISI secret service, with the US Government, the building of the Taliban, and other little known important connections between Pakistan and the US Government.

His object is to give people information they might not have the desire or time to find so that they can decide for themselves where they want to go with it. He explains a bit about the theories of LIH (Let it Happen) and Make it Happen with regard to the US Government's relationship to 911.

Recorded in March 2004
Download: PaulThompson.mp3 - 13.3Mb 64kbps (TRT 28:57)

Jeffrey M. Smith is the author of Seeds of Deception-- Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating. Smith has been active in the field of genetically modified foods and their negative health and environmental impacts for close to a decade, working for nonprofit and political groups on the the issue, running for US Congress and proposing legislation to remove GM food from school meals and to protect farmers from cross-pollination by GM crops. He has lectured widely, spoken at conferences and been quoted in articles around the world. He was vice president of marketing for a GMO dectection laboratory and researched and wrote this book after he left the industry. The book is easy to read, telling stories that include lots of important information for us about this critical issue for our health and for the earth. Smith is the founder and director of the Institute for Responsible Technology in Iowa.

In the first of these audio interviews/radio shows Smith runs down the terrible health hazards of GM foods, and how industry manipulation and political collusion and "cover up", not sound science, allow them into your daily diet. Learn why the FCA withheld information from Congress after a genetically modified supplement killed nearly a hundred people and disabled thousands; how laboratory rats fed a GM crop debeloped stomach lesions and seven of the forty died within two weeks and the crop was approved without further tests.
Recorded in March 2004
Download Prog 1: JeffreyMSmith1.mp3 - 13.3Mb 64kbps (TRT 27:35)

The second show focuses more on Smith's recent travels to international conferences, what's happening in the rest of the world outside of the US with regard to GM foods, and what we can do personally and politically to protect the health of ourselves, our families and our environment.
Download Prog 2: JeffreyMSmith2.mp3 - 13.3Mb 64kbps (TRT 27:40)

The website is

Ellen Mariani is the widow of Neil Mariani who was killed in the plane that crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. She is grief stricken and angry-- very upset at the way she was treated after learning of the death of her soulmate for life, disgusted by the offer of "hush money" to not investigate further or speak up, and determined to find out what REALLY happened on that terrible day. To that end she has sued Bush and officials including but not limited to Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld and Feinberg that they 1) had knowledge/warnings of 911 and failed to warn or take steps to prevent; 2) have been covering up the truth of 911 and 3)have therefore violated the laws of the US; and 4)are being sued under Civil Rico Act

Her Attorney, Philip Berg stated: "I will be detailing the charges against Bush and others and handing our copies of the 1)Amended Complaint 2)A Letter from Ellen Mariani to President Bush that sets forth her beliefs that Pres. Bush knowingly and willfully failed to act and prevent the murder of her husband on 911 and the ongoing obstruction of justice: and 3) a Sworn Affidavit the the United States government twenty-eight (28) years ago undertook a study to prevent the very events of 911.

He is interviewed in this show as well as Ellen Mariani herself. They ask that you check into their website and please sign the petition:

Recorded March 27, 2004
Download: MarianiBerg.mp3 - 12.6Mb 64kbps (TRT 26:41)

Special interview with Haitian activist

Pierre La Boissiere, himself Haitian and an activist for many years in the U.S., speaks about the present situation in Haiti. The first part of the interview is part of a speech he gave at a rally in San Francisco on March 1, 2004, and the second part is an interview with Sue Supriano. He gives some background with regard to the past U.S. involvement in Haiti and the track record of democratically elected, President Aristide. He had just translated Aristide's phone message to the Haitian people the same day of the interview and speaks about the kidnapping of President Aristide by the U.S. military. La Boissiere also describes the conditions of life for most people in Haiti and the amazing positive improvements (building of schools, literacy, parks, etc.) Aristide was able to do even though the U. S. prevented money promised from being delivered to Haiti. You can keep up to date with what's going on through -- Mar 5, 2004
Download: PierreLaBoisseire.mp3 - 13.4Mb 64kbps (TRT 29:20)

East Meets West: Buddhism in the United States
— audio documentary

Narrated by Richard Gere. Produced by Sue Supriano and Pamela Michael. This is a four-part series of one-hour documentary radio shows with many voices, music and a richly textured audio documentary. 4-CD set. $55 including tax and shipping. (TRT 4 hours) Click here for more information.

Jacqueline Suin is an anti-corporate globalization activist and film maker with Big Noise Tactical Media. This interview focuses especially on the recently released film "The Fourth World War" which she co-produced with Richard Rowley. The film was narrated by Tony Award winner Suheir Hammad and singer Michael Franti. It is a radical story of connection in the face of war and conflict that shatter and divides.  The film includes footage from Palestine, South Africa, Quebec City, South Korea, Chiapas, Mexico, Seattle, Genoa, New York and Iraq. It's a deep and inspiring film. Sue and Jackie discuss the issues and the making of the film as well as her experiences in these places, especially Chiapas and Iraq. These young, committed and talented filmmakers also produced "Black and Gold", "Zapatista" and "This is What Democracy Looks Like". The website is -- Feb 4, 2004
Download: JacquelineSuin.mp3 - 13.4Mb 64kbps (TRT 29:22)

Dave Williamson is the head of the fleet of 12 biodiesel trucks used for recycling in Berkeley, California. This clean alternative to oil based gasoline for vehicles is sustainable since it uses vegetable oil. A very good thing about this is that we can stop having to kill people and destroy the environment in order to get oil. Williamson describes the huge advantages of biodiesel, what it is and how it works. It doesn't pollute the air, is not toxic for anyone and smells good. All you need is a diesel car and you can convert. In Europe there are many more biodiesel stations than in the US, but biodiesel is on the rise in the US too. Sue Supriano is looking for a car to convert to biodiesel.-- Feb 4, 2004
Download: DaveWilliamson.mp3 - 12.9Mb 64kbps (TRT 28:03)

LaDonna Redmond is the founder/president of the Institute for Community Resource Development in Chicago, Illinois. She is a long-time community organizer in the Chicago area with deep experience in setting up and sustaining a wide range of urban community programs, such as the one she speaks about in this program having to do with growing, selling and buying organic food in the South and West sides of Chicago. She is also a journalist and columnist and speaks about the newsletter she edits and nutrition education.
Download: LaDonnaRedmond.mp3 - 12.3Mb 64kbps (TRT 26:51)

Jeff Patterson works as staff of the anti-war, peace organization, "Not in Our Name". He was a war resistor in 1990. Although he had been in the Marines for 4 years and was a Corporal he refused to go fight in the war against Iraq even though he only had a few remaining weeks before he was due to be discharged from the Marines. He spent some time in prison and has since been working for peace. Among the many ways in which he does this is that he often speaks to high school students encouraging them to not join the military and advising them about conscientious objection. -- Jan. 04
Download: JeffPatterson.mp3 - 9.8Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:36)

Ted Nace is the author of "Gangs of America: The Rise of Corporate Power and the Disabling of Democracy". Nace is the founder of Peachpit Press, the world's leading publisher of books on computer graphics and desktop publishing. Prior to that he worked as a freelance writer and served as staff director of the Dakota Resource Council, helping rural communities deal with the impact of strip mines and power plants. In this interview Nace speaks about how the corporation has become the core institution of the modern world. He describes where it came from, how it got more rights than a person has, where it is going and what we can do to stop it from greater and greater control of our lives and well being. -- Jan. 04
Download: TedNace.mp3 - 9.7Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:12)

Leuren Moret is an independent scientist. She worked for 5 years for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and 2 years for the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab. She blew the whistle about those laboratories, was harassed for that whistle-blowing, but has not stopped learning about, speaking up and educating others to speak up against the horrible effects of radiation on the health of humans and other animals. In this interview you will hear about the effects of radiation on all of us and especially on the targets of US weapons and the members of the US military itself. -- Jan. 04
Download: LeurenMoret.mp3 - 9.5Mb 48kbps (TRT 27:41)

Nora Casteneda is an economist committed to grassroots women, was appointed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to head the Women's Development Bank when he agreed to women's demand for a bank as a way of funding reforms to benefit the poorest families and communities. Of African and indigenous descent and the daughter of a low-income single mother, Ms. Castaneda is a remarkable woman in a remarkable time. She says "Micro credit is an excuse to empower women. We believe that the economy must be at the service of human beings, not human beings at the service of the economy. We want to create an economy based on cooperation and mutual support, a caring economy. We are not building a bank. We are building a different way of life....We women won our rights in the constitution. We won Article 88, which recognizes that housewives create added value and must be compensated with social security". -- Jan. 04
Download: NoraCastenada.mp3 - 10.3Mb 48kbps (TRT 29:55)

James Latham is co-founder and manager of Radio for Peace International, a listener sponsored progressive short wave radio station which has been located in Costa Rica on the grounds of the U.N. mandated University for Peace since it's beginning 16 years ago. In November, 2003 RFPI was forced off the air by the Univ. for Peace. Latham tells the story of the locked fence, barbed wire, armed guards and the shut down of the station and his interpretation of the changes in the University for Peace that caused this to happen. -- Dec. 03
Download: latham.mp3 - 9.3Mb 48kbps (TRT 27:02)

John Farrell
works with Voices in the Wilderness which is based in Chicago and formed to help Iraqi people during the 90"s blockade. He recently went to Iraq and talks about what he saw and experienced there. -- Dec. 03
Download: farrell.mp3 - 9.9Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:52)

Devinder Sharma is from India where he has worked as a journalist and in many other capacities. He works with the Forum for Biotechnology and Food Security and talks especially about the dangers of genetically modified food and its effects. -- Nov. 03
Download: sharma.mp3 - 9.7Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:22)

Will Bullock started 7 years ago, at age 15, to work with the The Food Project in Boston. The Food Project brings together thousand of youth & adults to grow organic vegetable to cook, donate and sell at urban farmers markets. Its youth workers and volunteers farm on 21 acres of land in both rural Lincoln & urban Boston where they have transformed vacant lots into cityfarms. They also have a catering service in Boston, using their organic foods. In this same show you will also hear about Nutiva Hemp food Products and the many uses of the wonderful plant. -- Oct. 03
Download: bullock.mp3 - 9.1Mb 48kbps (TRT 26:41)

Reverend Billy of The Church of Stop Shopping, also known as Bill Talen, goes into stores and malls with theater to raise shopper's consciousness about consumerism especially when it expresses itself in chains like Starbucks. He explains why he does the work he does to discourage people from shopping at chain stores stocked with goods from sweat shops and why he thinks building local community is the best antidote to the ills of our materialistic and exploitive world. On the web: -- Oct. 03
Download: revbilly.mp3 - 8.9Mb 48kbps (TRT 26:02)

Don Paul - Jim Hoffman talk about the 16-page booklet entitled '9/11' Great Crimes/A Greater Cover-Up. It is an open letter of sympathy and information to families and friends of the victims of events on Sept. 11, 2001 from concerned researchers, broadcasters and citizens. It is a concise compilation of the main questions about the official story of what happened on 9/11 and evidences of other explanations. For example, were US military planes ordered not to intercept the hijacked planes, how it be that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon when the hole is so small, no plane debris was found, etc.. How could such huge buildings fall into their footprints? What about building 7 that was never even hit? How could steel have melted from the heat of fires which never exceed 680 degrees F when it takes a temperature of more than 1000 degrees F to melt steel?
Jim Hoffman is an engineer, physicist and graphic artist who has researched and presented on these matters. His website is Don Paul is the author of 9/11- Facing Our Fascist State..... -- Nov. 03, 2003
Download: paulhoffman.mp3 - 9.7Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:16)

Norman Binally works with the Citizen's Coal Council, a national organization committed to educating people about the negative aspects for us all of coal mining and burning. The organization is based in Washington, DC, though it works to organize all over the US, especially around mining in Indian land. The website is

Cal Sazewa is head of the American Indian Institute at Arizona State University. He also works with the Zuni-Salt Lake Coalition, a very broad coalition of folks and organizations which has recently had success in stopping mining in Arizona.
Website- -- Oct. 03
Download: binallysazewa.mp3 - 9Mb 48kbps (TRT 26:22)

Robert Pollen is an economics Prof at Univ. of Massachusets in Amherst, Massachusets where he has co-founded and directs the Political Economy Research Institute. He is the author of several books including "Living Wage". In this interview he talks about his latest book, "The Contours of Dissent- US Economic Fractures in the Landscape of Global Austerity". -- Oct. 03
Download: pollen.mp3 - 9.9Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:47)

Maude Barlow is President of the Council of Canadians, an author and leader/activist in the antiglobalism movement. She speaks about the state of water in the world, the control of water through its privatization by a few corporations and the growing dire consequences. -- Oct. 03
Download: barlow.mp3 - 9.4Mb 48kbps (TRT 27:22)

Percy Schmeiser, a Canadian farmer and seed saver of many years, was sued by the Monsanto Corporation (producer of the poisonous "Round Up") for growing GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds patented by Monsanto. The seeds had blown into the ditch by his field. He is fighting this huge corp. which has the potential to control all the food in the world if not stopped. -- Oct. 03
Download: schmeiser.mp3 - 9.9Mb 48kbps (TRT 29:01)

Cynthia McKinney is a former Congresswoman from Georgia who was pushed out of Congress by the right after serving for 10 years. She is very progressive and outspoken about matters of race (she's African American), class, militarism, the official story of 9/11, etc. She worked hard for the good of all the people she represented and speaks about her experience and what she sees happening next. -- Oct. 03
Download: mckinney.mp3 - 9.4Mb 48kbps (TRT 27:28)

Julian Darley is the co-founder of the Post Carbon Institute in Vancouver, Canada. He is committed to educating people about the effects of oil and natural gas having peaked and their sources being depleted. This will have huge effects, particularly in where we are accustomed to having energy from oil and gas available to us . He also discusses what we might do when we won't have these energy sources which we time is coming sooner than we think.
Download: darley.mp3 - 9.9Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:54)

Demba Dembele is the founder and Director of Forum for African Alternatives based in in Senegal where Dembele lives. He also works with the "50 Years is Enough" Campaign and Africa Action which are in both Africa and the US. He talks about finance, trade, the importance of debt forgiveness for the quality of life of African people and sustainable local alternatives to filling their needs.
Download: DembaDembele.mp3 - 9.9Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:53)

Margo Adair is the author of Working Inside Out - Tools for Change, a book that is distinguished from other meditation and self-help books, in that it uses these skills and approaches to social change as well as personal change. Adair is a long time activist and has led many anti-racist workshops as well as Tools for Change workshops. This is a very useful approach.
Download: MargoAdair.mp3 - 9.4MB 48kbps (TRT 27:27)

Starhawk is a witch in the Pagan tradition, a nonviolent activist for peace and justice, a permaculture gardener and teacher and an author of many books, including The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing and most recently, Webs of Power- Notes from the Global Uprising. She talks about her experiences in Cancun, Mexico where recent demonstrations closed down the World Trade Organization meeting among other things.
Download: Starhawk.mp3 - 9.6Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:00)

Ann Fagan Ginger - The United Nations & Our Civil Rights - Attorney, Founder and Director of the Meikeljohn Civil Liberties Institute in Berkeley, CA continues to work tirelessly to inform people of their rights and the declarations of the UN which we must stand up for. - 29 min., August 03

Stephen Funk - Marine War Resistor - aggressively recruited by the Marines. He says "If I can be recruited, anybody can." He found he was told lies about what to expect & didn't want to "kill". - 27 min., August 03

Selma James - Women's Strike - Put the military budget into "caring work" - Selma James lives in England where she's been organizing Women's Strike and is now organizing internationally both women and men. Her latest book is The Milk of Human Kindness - Defending Breast Feeding from the Global Market & the AIDS Industry - 28 min., July 03

Peter Dale Scott - "Drugs, Oil & War - The US in Afghanistan, Colombia and Indochina" - Dr. Scott is Professor Emeritus of the English Dept., UC Berkeley. He's also a poet - latest poem Coming to Jakarta. Also author of The War Conspiracy, Deep Politics & the Death of JFK, Cocaine Politics & The Iran-Contra Connection - 29 min., July 03

Prof. Richard Heinberg - "The Party's Over - Oil, War & the End of Industrial Societies" - Heinberg is a journalist, educator, lecturer & musician. He puts out an award winning newsletter - <> and teaches at New College of Ca. in Santa Rosa. He speaks here about the "end of oil", the consequences for society and what we can do. - 29 min., July 03

Mike Ruppert, "From the Wilderness Publications" <> - Ruppert brings us up to date on the turning of the CIA, FBI and corporations on Bush, his probable impeachment, 9/11, and missing US Government. money - 29 min., July 03

Ecuadorian Indigenous delegation in California to ask CEO of Chevron/Texaco to stop poisoning of their people and environment - 27 min., June 03

Palestinian & Israeli women professors speak in solidarity - Palestinian, Rhabab Abduladhi, Prof. at NY Univ. of Sociology, Palestinian, & Israeli, Simona Shironi of Evergreen College, Wa., USA, Palestinian, Rhabab Abduladhi, Prof. at NY Univ. of Sociology, Palestinian, & Israeli, Simona Shironi of Evergreen College, Wa. - 29 min., June 03

Father Bill O'Donnell - Activist Priest speaks of his experience - Father Bill has been arrested way over 100 times & recently spent 6 months in jail for arrest at School of the Americas (name is now different) where torturers are trained for South Americas (name has been changed) where he was active in shutting down the school. - 28 min., June 03

Jeff Gates - Rescuing Main St. from Wall St.- A Populist Vision... - Gates, author of this book, is a "recovering" attorney, has worked in DC for the US Government. in various capacities, worked with the Green Party, and is now working for a more just society & more equitable distribution of wealth. - 28 min., June 03

Sharif Abdullah of Commonway - Creating a World that Works for Everyone - Abdullah, originally from New Jersey, has been bringing diverse people to work together for years - most recently he's been in Sri Lanka with the Sarvodya Movement. He speaks a lot about "inclusivity". - 28 min., June 03

Prof. Angana Chatterji - Women, Globalization, India, Dialogues for Peace - Chatterji is from India where she continues to work with women at the grassroots level who are facing problems, brought on often by negative aspects of globalization. She teaches at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. - 26 min., June 03

Lorenzo Haggerty - The "Psychedelic Tribe", the internet & saving -the world Haggerty has been in the military, a hot air balloon pilot, a business man and now is an activist and believer in the strength & power of the internet. Interviewed at the "Mind States" conference where he spoke. - 28 min., June 03

Kathy Kelly about Iraq - Kelly is a founder of Voices from the Wilderness, a grassroots group which has been taking medicines to Iraq since the first Gulf War and through the blockade. She speaks of how it was to be in Iraq during the recent bombing and other info re Iraq. - 30 min., June 03

"Deception Dollar" designer Machan designed these fliers that strongly resemble US dollars though they say 9-11, "In Fraud We Trust", "The US of Aggression", etc.. They are covered with websites for info re unanswered questions re the events of 9-11. - 20 min., April 03

Connecting the Dots on 9/11 - Barrie Zwicker, Canadian TV Host and media Critic. - 29 min., April 03

Africa & the US - Conditions & Connections - Interview with Prexy Nesbit, long time African American African activist. - 29 min., April 03

Mike Ruppert on 9/11 - Evidence for US Government foreknowledge and complicity. - 28 min., April 03

Part 1 of "Unanswered Questions of 9/11" Panel & some discussion at Herbst Theater in San Francisco, Ca. - Panel: Barrie Zwicker, Canadian TV Host and Media Critic, Mike Ruppert, "From the Wilderness Publications", Peter Dale Scott, Prof. Emeritus, UC Berkeley, author of just released, "Drugs, Oil & War", Riva Enteen, Program Director of SF National Lawyer's Guild. - 75 min., April 03

Part 2 of "Unanswered Questions of 9/11" Discussion with Panel and Audience at Herbst Theater in San Francisco, Ca. - Panel: Barrie Zwicker, Canadian TV Host and Media Critic, Mike Ruppert, "From the Wilderness Publications", Peter Dale Scott, Prof. Emeritus, UC Berkeley, author of just released, "Drugs, Oil & War", Riva Enteen, Program Director of SF National Lawyer's Guild, Stephen Marshall, Guerrilla News Network. - 47 min., April 03

An Iraqi Christian Woman talks from her personal experience of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, the Kurds and the U.S. - 30 min., April 03

Romi Kanani, an Iraqi woman from Baghdad, living in the US, shares her experience & impressions of Saddam Hussein and her country. - 28 min., March 03

John Brady Keisling, U.S. Foreign Service Officer resigns due to war on Iraq - 30 min., March 03

San Francisco Peace Demo, March 22, 03 - Includes interviews re US military and drug trading, Sept. 11, Peace Force, sustainability, etc. - 27 min., March 03

The People's Health Movement - Dr. Thelma Narayan, from India, on this movement, it's issues, and scope. - 30 min., March 03

Veterans for Peace - Interview with Paul Cox, co-founder. - 30 min., March 03

Stephen Zunes - "Tinderbox - U.S. Middle East Policy and the Roots of Terrorism" - Zunes is associate Professor of Politics and Chair of the Peace and Justice Studies Program at the University of San Francisco. Talks about the book, dangers of invading Iraq for U.S. security, and role of Israel. - 29 min., Feb 03

Don Paul - 9/11 - Facing Our Fascist State: a study of the infamous day's crimes and how and why the US ruling elite have committed other atrocities that have so benefited them for more than a century and how and why we can still win a livable future for our children. - 28 min., Feb 03

Daniel Ellsberg - "Secrets - A Memoir of Vietnam & the Pentagon Papers" - Ellsberg talks about his recent book and focuses a lot about his reasons for being very alarmed about the U.S. plans to attack Iraq. He also speaks about the loss of civil rights in the USA. - 28 min., Feb 03

Joan Sekler Co-Producer, "Unprecedented" - video documentary about the fixing of the elections in the 2000 Presidential Election - 28 min., Nov 02

The War on Freedom - How and Why America was Attacked, Sept. 11, 2001
Interview with Publisher, John Leonard - 30 min., Oct 02

John Judge on Kennedy and MLK Assassinations, Present Surveillance, 9/11, etc. and relevance to now - 28 min., Oct 02

John Judge on 9/11 & Future Wars - 29 min., Oct 02

The Patriot Act, the US Constitution & Civil Liberties, Riva Enteen of the San Francisco National Lawyers Guild - 27 min., Aug 02

Civil Rights & the Police State - Interview with Judge Claudia Morcom - 28 min., Aug 02

Attorney targeted by the Patriot Act - Interview with Lynne Stewart - 29 min., July 02

What's Happening to Our Money & What Can We Do?
Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts - 27 min., July 02

Michael C. Ruppert - 9/11 and the coming economic crash - 28 min., July 02

Walden Bello - Globalization, sustainability, war and the Philippines, Globalization, war, sustainability & the Philippines - 28 min., June 02

The Enemy of Nature - The End of Capitalism or the End of the World? Interview with Joel Kovel - 29 min., June 02

Corporations as Individual Persons????, Fighting corporate personhood & corporate power - 26 min., June 02

Resisting The Prison Industrial Complex "Critical Resistance" - 28 min., June 02

Illegality in the U.S. Presidential Elections "The Best Democracy $ can Buy"
Interview with Greg Palast - 28 min., Mar 02

21st Century McCarthyism & the Rise of the Global Police State, Angela Davis speech at UC Berkeley - 28 min., Feb 02

More from 21st Century McCarthyism & the Rise of the Global Police State, Diane Clemens and Jennifer Terry, Profs. at UC Berkeley - 29 min., Feb 02

Oil, Drugs & Afghanistan - Interview with Peter Dale Scott - 29 min., Jan 02

Weapons in Space - Interview with attorney Daniel Sheehan - 29 min., Dec 01

Propaganda, Media & War - John Stauber, Director of Center for Media & Democracy - 28 min., Nov 01


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