Steppin’ Out of Babylon: Podcast-Radio Interviews by Sue Supriano

“Babylon” is the “isms” and “schisms” not only within the system but within ourselves. Let's organize, unify and step out of Babylon.



Sue Supriano’s Steppin’ Out of Babylon is a radio interview series covering a broad range of important issues in today’s world: peace and war, human and civil rights, communication, the media, the environment, food security, racism, globalization, immigration and matters of the spirit. Over 250 shows are available at this site!



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Webster Tarpley...

... wrote "The Unauthorized Biography of George W. Bush" in 1992. It sold out 25,000 copies right away and has been downloaded from the internet by millions of readers since. You can still read it on the internet. It's an underground classic. In it he writes about the connections Bush family and the Nazi movement back in the 1920's and 1930's. Prescott Bush, George W's grandfather, was a member of the Board of Directors of and stockholder with the Bank that was the principal financier of Hitler. He gives many more details in this interview. This information is important to know, Tarpley says, so we can know what we are dealing with now. He then talks about the official story of what happened on 911 and the questions about it that exist. He offers people a conceptual scheme, based on lots of research and knowledge of past operations, to think about "terrorism" and how it's used, how covert operations work-- separating the "moles" from the "patsies" from the actual professional killers. He has 14 points which are serious questions, not being asked by the Official 911 Commission, about Sept. 11. Some of them are-- 1) why didn't planes go up to stop the planes going into the buildings 2) were the buildings controlled demolitions 3) why was the Islamic world blamed with virtually no evidence 4) what explains the drive toward a totalitarian state 5) what happened to 40 floor building 7 6) what hit the Pentagon 7) Who are the Sept. 11 criminals??-- and more. Tarpley proposes an independent international truth commission similar to the Bertrand Russell Vietnam Tribunal of 1966-'67. It will be made up of famous and non-famous people who have presentations, information and who examine the evidence by international judges. He's working on getting that set up by Aug. or Sept. of 2004, probably outside of the US since many distinguised researchers and activists would not be allowed in the U.S..
Recorded on March 04, Program length-29 min.
Download: WebsterTarpley.mp3 - 13.4Mb 64kbps (TRT 29'00")


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