Electricians in Bergen are now giving digital inspection

Digital solutions are being applied to most industries today. This also holds true for electrical companies in Bergen, where a quite recent innovation has taken hold: the digital inspection. In this short article, we will first explain what the manual electrical inspection is, before we explain how the digital version is like.


What is an electrical inspection?

An el-inspection is performed by an electrician who controls your electrical system on an overall level. The el-inspection is a general review of your power meter, cables, power sockets, and different power switches, where small tests are made when there’s a suspicion that something might not be working as it should. The checkup is used to discover big and notable errors, so that the customer can feel safer with regards to fire hazards and power transmission. Power sockets, power switches, connection points, and lamps are also tested. Keep in mind, though, that electrical companies won’t dismantle any other electrical equipment than what they are testing if they don’t see anything suspicious.


In other words: An electrical inspection is a visual checkup with tests and measurements which include a conversation with the house owner or tenant. The electrician also gives general advice about el-safety, excessive voltage protection, extension cords, etc. Then they will give some tips as to what can be improved, if it’s necessary.


During the control, the owner of the house is also offered advice on points which have been accepted as good enough. A typical piece of advice is to limit the use of extension cords if these are to be used as a permanent solution. For equipment which is permanently mounted, for example a TV, fixed sockets should be used. If something unsafe is discovered, this is registered in a clear and concise report. Electrical companies can only recommend improvements, they can’t impose anything. But remember that it’s the house owner’s responsibility that their electrical system is in a state according to regulations.


How is the digital inspection performed?

A digital inspection is different from a manual inspection. In a manual inspection, an electrician comes to your house to check that everything is in order. In a digital inspection, they make you take some pictures of your power meter, extension cords, power sockets, and anything that would be necessary in a normal inspection. You can make the inspection as detailed as you want; for example, you can use a screwdriver to open power sockets in order to give the electrician a more thorough understanding of the state of your electrical system. (Make sure to turn the power off before you do this, in the relevant section of your house.)

Man on a digital inspection witha an electrician

One of the companies in Bergen that is a part of this innovation is Elektriker Bergen, and the CEO André Olsen, says that:

“This way, if you have any doubts about the safety of any electrical part of your house, you can just send in a few pictures to have an electrician look at them.”

In most cases, they will be able to give you immediate advice and offer you a price for fixing what needs to be fixed. And if they need more information before they can do that, they will contact you. It’s as simple as it gets.