How to pick the right plumber in Bergen

Looking for a rørlegger i Bergen? Here are some important steps you should follow in order to find the right one for you. 


The first thing you should do is to talk with your closest friends, family members and other people you know, to see if they have any good suggestions regarding a plumber they have used themselves. You should ask them about the way in which the job was done, whether it was completed within the timeframe you agreed upon, and of course, whether they charged a justifiable price which wasn’t too high in relation to the quality – or too low to be credible. 


Research: Find the right fit

In order for you to make a well-considered choice about what price the market is at today, you should get at least three offers from different plumbers. In other words, you should put out a job listing. Usually, a lot of people will show interest. After you have chosen a list of people who may be the right fit, you can then begin deciding on the one you want to do the work for you.


An effective job listing should specify… 

  1. Cost: Are you going to pay a fixed total price, or by the hour? If you have a big project to complete, the safest way is usually to go for a total price, since you then give an incentive to the plumber to be effective, and not to waste your or their own time. 
  2. Project details: To find the right plumber, you should explain the project in rich details. Be clear about what outcome you want. Using visual tools like pictures and videos will be very helpful. 
  3. Equipment: What kind of standard should the building materials have? And will you or the plumber be the fortunate one to get them?  
  4. Deadline: When should the job be completely done, no excuses? 
  5. Deadline of the job listing: By when should the offer be made to you?

You should also know that the plumbing companies that have received the most positive critique in your local area might be hard to reach by putting out a job listing, since they often already get a lot of projects through word of mouth. 


Contact person and severity 

As you collect your offers, it’s time to check the plumber’s severity in relation to the work they perform. 


One way of doing this is to search the web for their company, so that you can get feedback from people who sought their help. Often, the different websites for job listings also have reviews which anyone can read. 


You should be aware of one thing, though: the reviews which companies post on their websites are often chosen specifically because they mention good points about the company, and makes it seem absolutely fantastic. After all, those companies want as many customers as they can get.


If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to picking the right plumber in Bergen.