Steppin’ Out of Babylon: Podcast-Radio Interviews by Sue Supriano

“Babylon” is the “isms” and “schisms” not only within the system but within ourselves. Let's organize, unify and step out of Babylon.



Sue Supriano’s Steppin’ Out of Babylon is a radio interview series covering a broad range of important issues in today’s world: peace and war, human and civil rights, communication, the media, the environment, food security, racism, globalization, immigration and matters of the spirit. Over 250 shows are available at this site!



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Table of Contents
S. Brian WilsonBlood on the Tracks: The Life and Times of S. Brian Willson
Leuren MoretRadiation issues with Fukushima, HAARP
Daniel Pinchbeck2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl
Anthony Johnson & Sara DuffThe state of Medical Marijuana in Oregon
Steve Bhaerman, aka Swami BeyondanandaTransforming Through 2012: Leading Perspectives on the New Global Paradigm
Daniel LerchManaging the 21st Century's Sustainability Crises
Paul StanfordHemp, Cannabis & Medical Marijuana in Oregon
Antonia JuhaszThe Tyranny of Oil
Robert BowmanPeace, Patriotism, Activism and 9/11
Linda NealeThe Earth & Spirit Council and Grandmother Maria Alice
Max RameauTake Back the Land
David ChandlerThe Physics of the 9/11 Truth Movement
David CobbMaking Democracy Real & Legal in the United States
Dr. Michael FryWildlife toxicologist speaks about both the issues of "endocrine interfering" chemicals all around us as well as the high risk of windmills killing birds
Ramona Africa & Fred RileyRamona Africa, the Minister of Information for the MOVE organization and sole survivor of the house bombing by the Philadelphia Police in 1985, continues to fight oppression with member Fred Riley.
Terry HurstBikathon fundraising for the Mestizo Center of Culture & Arts in Salt Lake City
Elvy Musikka– Musikka is one of four people who have a federally granted permit to use medical marijuana. She tells her story and speaks about the importance of this wonderful “medicine”.
Ian HillFounder of SeQuential Biofuels
Jan SpencerSuburban Renewal, Permaculture and more in Eugene, Oregon
JyotiCouncil of 13 of Indigenous Grandmothers founder & Spiritual Director of the Center for Sacred Studies
Mary WoodThe Environment as a Public Trust: Climate Change & Planetary Solutions for Survival
Haunani-Kay TraskHawaiian sovereignty advocate and Professor of Hawaiian Studies with the Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu
David WeismanEverything Nuclear: Media Activist & Filmmaker from the California organization Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility
Riki OttAuthor of Not One Drop: Betrayal and Courage in the Wake of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill & organizer of campaign to repeal the US Constitutional Amendment giving corporations equal rights as individuals
Anonymous War-Tax ResistorA long-term war-tax resistor explains the process and her work with the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee
Alexis ZeiglerThe author of Culture Change: Civil Liberty, Peak Oil and the End of Empire, speaks on the economy, ecology, culture and politics, proposing a deeper truth about our current civilization
Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim BakerChairperson of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and the oldest living member of the Takilma Siletz nation of Southern Oregon
David BaconAward-winning photojournalist, labor organizer, immigrant rights activist and author. His most recent book is Illegal People- How Globalization Creates Migration & Criminalizes Immigrants
Leonardo CerdoYoung indigenous Ecuadorian working with the Federation of Indigenous Association of the Amazon to educate about the evils of the oil companies as well as sustainable alternatives.
Kathy KellyNonviolent peace activist who works a lot with Iraqis, founder of Voices in the Wilderness, now renamed-- Voices for Creative Nonviolence
Pablo Miriman (translator: Seline Jaramillo)Human rights issues of the Mapuche, indigenous people of Southern Chile
Dr. Xi Gang ShaTeacher, Healer, Master of Chi Gong and Tai Chi, Doctor of both Western and Chinese Medicine, author of The Power of SOUL & teacher of “Soul Healing”.
Ethan HughesFounder of the Possibility Alliance, Super Heroes and community of radical simplicity, political activism and inner work
Ruth RosenhekEnvironmental Justice & Deep Ecology with the Co-Director of the Rainforest Information Center in Australia
Paul ScottCo-founder of the Plug-In America, Chairperson of the Electrical Vehicle Association of California and interviewed in the film, “Who Killed the Electric Car”
Storm and Gerri of West Coast Climate Convergence, Oregon,2008Discussion of activist activities of Storm, a meteorologist and founder of Rising Tide, & Gerri, a young woman on the activist move
Ann WrightArmy Colonel and US Ambassador as Front Line Peace Activist
Shannon YoungIndigenous Low-Power FM Community Radio & Revolution in Oaxaca, Mexico
Jesus & Kate Sherman/translatorIndigenous Struggle in Oaxaca & the Role of Independent Media
Sue Supriano30 Years of Steppin’ Out of Babylon
Efia NwangazaLow-Power FM Radio & Community Organizing
Nwamaka AgboGreen-Collar Job Campaign: The Green Wave, Environmental Justice and Developing Eco-Equity
Chris CarlssonNowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists, and Vacant Lot Gardeners are Inventing the Future Today
Carl AnthonyThe Earth, The City, and The Hidden Narrative of Race
Dr. Margaret Paloma PavelEarth House: Crossing borders, racism and working together.
David SolnitGlobal Justice activist and Counter Recruiting Movement organizer
Mathis WackernagelCo-creator of the concept of the ecological footprint and Executive Director of the Global Footprint Network.
Vernon MasayesvaA member of the Hopi Tribal Council and Executive Director of the Black Mesa Trust discusses the importance of water and the Hopi predictions about our current time "out of balance" on earth.
Andrew MannleSenior editor of Grassroots Journalism for a Green Future.
Richard RegisterHead of Ecocities Builders, co-organizer of the Ecocity World Summit & Conference and author of Ecocity Berkeley.
Peter DroegePeter Droege is an international expert in renewable energy and urban design. His most recent award winning book is "The Renewable City, A Comprehensive Guide to an Urban Revolution".
Medea Benjamin & Bob WingMedea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink and Global Exchange, along with Bob Wing, writer, editor, long time racial justice and peace activist
Francisco LetelierFrancisco Letelier, son of Orlando Atelier, Ambassador to US from Chile under Salvador Allende, on Cultural Memory, Understanding What People Have in Common, and His Father's Assassination
Chanan SuarezdiazIraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) Opposes the Racist War of Oppression in Iraq
Cynthia McKinneyFormer US Congress member, Cynthia Mc Kinney, candidate for US President on the Green Party ticket, on her experience with US Congress
Bruce Lipton, PhDThe Biology of Belief, Leading-Edge Science and Mind-Body Medicine and Spiritual Techniques
William H. KötkeProgram 1: The Final Empire: The Collapse of Civilization and the Seed of the Future and Garden Planet: The Present Phase Change of The Human Species
William H. KötkeProgram 2: The Final Empire: The Collapse of Civilization and the Seed of the Future and Garden Planet: The Present Phase Change of The Human Species
Lieutenant Ehren WatadaCommissioned officer refuses to go back to Iraq. Fourth Eugene, Oregon Peace Rally: Kitty Piercy, the Mayor of Eugene, and others.
Dr. Nick Begich #1HAARP, the military's High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project
Dr. Nick Begich #2Privacy and civil rights: Mind control, cell phones and RFID implants in humans
Joel Garbon and Steve KaplanNew Energy: Saving our planet with clean, safe, abundant, inexpensive energy for all
John StreickerClimate Change: The daily reality in Alaska
Annie KajirDisastrous illegal logging in Papua New Guinea
The Winnemem PeopleThe Winnemem People of the Mt. Shasta springs area in California struggle to preserve their land, the purity of the water and the sacredness of the land.
Richard Moore: Part 1"Escaping the Matrix: How We the People Can Change the World" -- Moore talks about the first half of his book which focuses on the issues of hierarchy and manipulation of the people with lies...
Richard Moore: Part 2"Escaping the Matrix: How We the People Can Change the World" -- Moore talks about the second part of his book which focuses on how we can build a more localized, democratic society...
Joseph McCormickReuniting America, Engaging Across the Great Divide
Timothy LaSalleNorthwest Earth Institute in Portland discussion courses, responsibility for the earth and the wellbeing of all beings. Psychological roots of "ecocide", changing dysfunctional patterns.
Wayne Madsen #1Madsen's most recent book: Jaded Tasks-Brass Plates, Black Ops, & Big Oil: The Blood Politics of George Bush & Co.
Wayne Madsen #2Madsen's most recent book: Jaded Tasks-Brass Plates, Black Ops, & Big Oil: The Blood Politics of George Bush & Co.-- Focus on pedophelia in US Government, Patriot Act & loss of rights, and more.
Ramon RamirezRamon Ramirez of PCUN (Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United) describes their new low power FM radio station
Luz RuizLuz Ruiz, independent media activist in Mexico and the US with COMPPA & Prometheus Radio
Janaia DonaldsonJanaia Donaldson, Co-Producer/Host of Peak Moment TV: Community Responses for a Changing Energy Future
Maria de los AngelesVenezuelan journalist talks about her country since President Hugo Chavez, the important proliferation of community and independent media there and some impressions of her 3 years in the USA.
Susan Gleason and Daniel HannahReclaim the Media: Reform, policy and education to promote critical thinking about media and a bio-regional community radio conference in Sept. 2006
Kelvin LongNavajo Nation Clan Bitter Water and Director of ECHOES (Educating Communities while Healing and Offering Environmental Support), speaking of the Save the Peaks Campaign against Arizona Snowbowl
Marissa MoormanThe Formation of an Angolan culture
Laura WellsRunning on the Green Party Ticket
Carol BrouilletGovernment Deception About 9/11, Terrorism and Homeland Security
Dr. Masaru EmotoHidden Messages of Water: world energies retained in water
Eloise EngmanThe dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms in food crops
Paul GoettlichHealth and Socioeconomic Effects of Technology and Plastics, Pesticides, Genetic Engineering
Leuren MoretEnvironmental Pollution, Depleted Uranium and Community Organizing
Leuren MoretUnethical Practices with Non-Lethal Exotic Weapons
Brandy Gallagher-McPhersonOUR (One United Resource) Ecovillage Development, Community and Land
Richard HeinbergPowerdown: Options and Actions for a Post Carbon World, After Oil Depletion, Post-Industrial Society
Michael AbelmanUrban Agriculture: Real Food and the People Who Grow It
Paul GloverIthaca Hours: Local Currency and Community Development
Clayton Thomas-MüllerThe Indigenous Environmental Network: Protecting communities against oil industry pollution
Tom Kelly and Jane KellyKyoto USA, Climate change and international cooperation
Greg WatsonThe Urgency of Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy Solutions During Climate Change
Jeremy NarbyScience and Shamanic Knowledge from the Amazon
Jeffrey M. SmithRejecting Genetically Modifed Food Crops in Southern Africa
Malik RahimNew Orleans, Hurricane Katrina Report
Michael RuppertPeak Oil: The Future of Food Security, Fuel and the Economy
Gary BraaschWorld View of Global Warming
East Meets West: Buddhism in the United StatesAudio Documentary, Produced by Sue Supriano and Pamela Michaels, Narrated by Richard Gere
Beyond Oil IIJoanna Macy and Richard Heinberg Speak in Oakland, California. Available only on 2-CD set.
Omar FreillaEnvironmental Justice: Greenworker Cooperatives in the South Bronx, New York
Dominie Cappadonna, Ph.D.Transpersonal Psychology, Ecopsychology and Education
Kevin PinaHaiti Information Project: Journalism in Haiti
Dave RoomRelocalize Now! Getting Ready for Climate Change and the End of Cheap Oil
Thais MazurWarrior Mothers: Stories to Awaken the Flames of the Heart
Matt SavinarLife After the Oil Crash
James Howard KunstlerThe Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century
Evon PeterIndigenous peoples of Alaska: Our Relationship to the Earth Must Incorporate Respect, Unity and Balance
US Congressman Roscoe BartlettPeak Oil: The Future of Food Security, Fuel and the Economy
John DeGraafAffluenza- The All Consuming Epidemic
Myrna BullockAIDS Pilgrimage Africa: A Walk for Global Healing
Richard RegisterEcocity Builders, Urban Ecology, and our balance with Nature
Pepperspray Case InterviewsPepperspray victims and plaintiff-lawyer interviews, followed by a Depavers song
David SeaborgRainforests and Global Warming
Jan LundbergPeak Oil and Cultural Change
Jennifer WashburnUniversity, INC.- The Corporate Corruption of Higher Education
StarhawkPalestine, West Bank, Occupied Territories: A Direct Experience
StarhawkThe Earth Path
Barrie ZwickerThe Great Conspiracy- The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw
Webster Tarpley9/11-Synthetic Terror- Made in USA
Sue SuprianoSteppin' Out of Babylon, Radio Host/Producer, Peak Oil
Dahr JamailIraq Devastation: Massacre in Fallujah, Illegal Weapons, Radioactive Depleted Uranium
Stephen LeiperChem Trails/Aerosol Spraying
Reverend Eloise OliverHer life, the Bible, our addictive society, and other things of spiritual and social import
Jose Stevens: Program 1Helping people understand themselves and others
Miguel Pickard White and CIEPACdevelopment, Chiapas, Mexico, Zapatistas, Plan Puebla Panama, World Bank, IMF
Jose Stevens: Program 2Readings/predictions for the Next 10 Years
Don Paul and Jim HoffmanWaking Up From Our Nightmare- The 9/11/01 Crimes In New York City
Catherine Austin FittsSimple and Complex: The Wealth Revolution: Solari Tools for Safety and Transformation
Dr. Mike AlcalayMedical Marijuana: The Science and Politics of Cannabis
Danny SchecterWMD: Weapons of Mass Deception; Corporate Media and US Government corruption
Dave AdelsonMedia Activism and Internet Radio
Wanjira MathaiGreen Belt Movement of Kenya
Ali SharifPermacultura Latina America
Catherine Austin FittsEconomic transformation, investment, money and sustainable local economies
Martha Dina ArguelloEnvironmental Health Coordination
Jim MarrsInside Job: Unmasking the 9/11 Conspiracies
Sustainable Solutions CaravanBiodiesel bus tour from the San Francisco Bay Area to Costa Rica
Paul StametsThe Wonders of Mushrooms
John MohawkNative American Studies, Climate Change, Saving Seed
Christine RoseLiberty Bound: corruption in the US since 9/11
Richard Heinberg"Peak Oil" and it's impact on us, (Program 1)
Richard Heinberg“Peak Oil” and it’s impact on all of us. (Program 2)
Ramao daSilvaNational Coordination Committee of the MST (Landless Workers' Movement of Brazil)
Clifford CarnicomMysterious Spraying From Airplanes in Our Skies
Mike RuppertBreaking news from Mike Ruppert on 9/11
Michael DorseyBiopiracy of indigenous people, corporate privatization, and Reclaim the Commons
Dr. Leonard HorowitzThe Dangers of Vaccines
Julian DarleyPost Carbon Institute: The Coming Peak Oil and Natural Gas Crisis and Global Relocalization
Dahr JamailLife in Iraq Under Siege: The Pain of War and Occupation
John HepburnThe Horrors of Genetically Engineering in Food in the US and Other Environment Issues
John HepburnEnvironmental movements in Australia and and US
Pete Tridish and Kate CoyerPrometheus Radio Project, Micropower radio broadcasting
John HepburnGenetically Modified Food and Why It Must Be Stopped
Peretz KidronIsrael's Yes-Gvul, the War Resistance Movement in the Military
Hope ShandGenetically Modified Food, Terminator Seeds and Nanotechnology
Mario A. MurilloColumbia and the United States: War, Terror and Destabilization
Marta RodriguezDocumentary films on the struggle of Afro-Venezuelan people
Sirikit SyahJournalism in Regions of Conflict, Media Ethics and Freedom of the Press
Dr. Michio KakuEinstein’s Cosmos: How Einstein’s Vision Transformed Our Understanding of Space and Time
Mary Ann Tenudo and Barbara DeutchThe Zapatista Movement, Plan Puebla Panama, FTAA, NAFTA, CAFTA, Farmers, Free Trade
Amazon WatchGetting Chevron Texaco to Clean Up Toxic Waste in Ecuador
Ellen MarianiSuing the US Government for the Losses of 9/11
Pierre La BoissiereSpecial Interview with Haitian Activist About Kidnapping of President Aristide by the US Military
Bill Douglas and Carol Brouillet9/11 International Inquiry-Phase 1 in San Francisco, CA
Webster TarpleyQuestioning the Official Story About the Attacks of 9/11
Brian Concannon, Jr.Human Rights in Haiti and President Aristide
Paul Thompson9/11 and The Cooperative Research Timeline, The US Government's Relationship to 9/11
Jeffrey M. Smith: Program 1Seeds of Deception-- Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating
Jeffrey M. Smith: Program 2Genetically Modified Food, World Views, Protecting Ourselves Personally and Politically
Jacqueline SuinThe Fourth World War: Connection in the Face of War and Conflict
Dave WilliamsonBiodiesel Advantages, A Sustainable Fuel Alternative
LaDonna RedmondCommunity Organic Food Market in Chicago, Community Resource Development
Jeff PattersonResisting the Unjust War in Iraq: A War Resisting Former Marine Speaks Out to Youth
Ted NaceInterview with Author of Gangs of America: The Rise of Corporate Power and the Disabling of Democracy

Table of Contents

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